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October 27, 2020


"If we can't connect to the Starlink satellites, or have a poor connection, then I'll call Elwood's Tree Service and have them take down the two oaks. Since they're close to our house, it makes sense to remove them to reduce the wildfire risk. If there's still a poor connection, I lean toward removing the fir trees one at a time."
You're going to murder those perfectly innocent trees just so you can flitter your time away on the time-waste-central internet?
Have you ran this by Peter Fernandez, Dan and Richard Gatti??????
Seems like I recall you're push to erect a hanging platform at city hall for these guys recently for "murdering" poor, innocent trees.
Oh and P.S.:
I'll fall the trees for free if I can have the firewood.
Hugs and kisses xoxoxoxo

I also live in a rural area (Washington County). So, I also was excited to read the news yesterday about Starlink. However, unlike you, while we live too far from the "central office" for DSL, we have a cell phone tower a mile away, and we have a WiMAX connection to a tower on the Chehalem Mountains. It uses a dish to connect with a "line-of-sight" alignment to the tower. We pay $100 a month for a maximum of 11 Mbps with a 300GB data cap.

The dish (the size of the original Directv dish) is a 100 feet from the house at the only location on our property with an unobstructed, line of sight view of the tower. As a fellow tree lover, you might consider a ground location for the Starlink dish. While I don't know the technical details of the Starlink dish connection, it is possible you could bury a conduit to the dish location and run any cables required through it.

We also have a landline with a new phone company, ZIPLY Fiber. The new company bought Frontier's NW operations. With a background in internet connections, and the word fiber in the name, I am hoping they eventually will run a fiber optic line on their poles. Perhaps even before I die, or have to move into town (I am 71).

While Amazon is also planning a low-orbit satellite service, I don't know if the two services will provide us with broadband (FCC definition: 25 Mbps) before DVD.COM dies. Are you still a subscriber? Have you noticed that the discs are now being mailed from the original (1997) location: San Jose? Blu-ray discs have superior video and sound quality over regular streaming quality. They also are probably going to disappear. All the more important reason that we rural dwellers have a broadband connection.

By the way, as an independent film fan, of the 496 movies in my Queue, only 19 are available for streaming on Netflix.

It is too bad we are atheists, Brian. Otherwise we could be praying every day for a broadband solution. Of course, you and I know that still wouldn't speed up our "internet salvation"!

William, since we're surrounded by large trees, I doubt that a ground location for the Starlink receiver would provide a better view of the sky than a roof location. But I'll see if this is true. Thanks for the suggestion.

We don't have a line of sight to cell towers. A company similar to the one you mentioned came out to check our signal strength from their cell tower location. They got on the roof and even used a drone to check out the top of a big fir tree on the south side of our house.

No luck. No line of sight. Even from the top of the tree. Also, I communicated with a local fiber optic company about what it would take to get fiber optic to our neighborhood of several hundred homes. Answer, several hundred thousand dollars, maybe $400,000 if I recall correctly. So that was ruled out.

Like you, we still use Netflix/DVD.com It's good to have a DVD on hand for the times our DSL speed is so unusually crappy, beyond its usual crappiness, Netflix won't stream correctly -- starts and stops, which is annoying.

You're right. Our DVD queue is like yours. Very few movies available for streaming, maybe because many are several years old, or older. Maybe when/if Joe Biden wins and the Dems control the Senate, Biden and company will bring fiber optic to underserved areas of American.

Which includes, like I said, our area six miles from the city limits of Oregon's state capital, not exactly Outer Mongolia. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Outer Mongolia had faster broadband than we do.

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