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September 29, 2020


Cannabis is much stronger now than in the 60's, generally speaking. But there was very strong weed even back then. Acapulco Gold and Panama Red really existed. I remember something called "Ice Pack" which was really kick ass. Who knows what was in it. I think we got just as stoned on 60's weed. It's just that it took more of it. We didn't know much about indica and sativa strains. Weed was weed. It still is.

Weed makes me stupid and clumsy and too analytical. But it is great for sex and reduces the need for sildenafil or tadalafil at this stage in life (almost 72). I would never get anything done if I used cannabis all the time. I don't know how people do it. I would spend too much time looking for misplaced tools. I drive poorly on cannabis. I guess I'm a lightweight. I'm sure there are more cannabis related accidents than reported.

Quality CBD/THC products are moderately helpful for pain, anxiety and insomnia issues. More so for some people than others. For some people they exacerbate those issues.

Strong THC products induce schizophrenia, panic attacks, anxiety, paranoia and even psychosis in some individuals. I have seen it happen several times. (chew black peppercorns if the stuff you ate is too much for you and you need to come down.)

Mike Tyson, former heavyweight champ, says weed makes him a better person. I'm not sure that is true for everyone.

Cannabis is a mixed bag.

Tucson nails it right on the screws.
One thing left out; addiction.
Many, many people are highly addicted to weed.
Notice that I DID NOT say that weed it's self is addictive.
Two COMPLETELY separate subjects.
I smoked pot like a chimney in the early 1970s
At some point I became aware of the fact that my entire life surrounded getting high, much like Brother Brian describes in his younger years.
The difference is that when I wanted to stop, I COULD NOT STOP.
Finally, it took an act of God in 1978 (yes I said God; deal with it!) to break the chains.
I thank God for a clear head.
Back in the paranoid days, I may have uttered something such as:
" It resets my frazzled mind, especially now when the upcoming election is causing nightmarish visions of four more years of Trump to dance through my head."
Glad those days are over!!!

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