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August 10, 2020


HOA’s,,,,we feel your pain. Will NEVER live on a property ruled by an HOA ever again, did I say EVER. You describe perfectly the abuse ‘the Board’ can wreak on those homeowners who actually think (not feel...) that rules are meant to be valued - or changed logically and with care. I’m curious, are your Board members ‘new arrivals’? That’s what happened to ours...the ‘new arrivals’, retired and needing to be ‘involved’ take on new challenges, ‘overlord’ comes to mind. Our ‘new president’ was a southern California police commander who brought his preferred methods with him...listen to the complaint, then do whatever the hell you want. I do have a question though...when we vote in state elections, the majority rules and wins. There is NO provision for people who don’t care enough to actually rouse themselves to VOTE to have their say...that’s why there’s VOTING. So, it almost makes sense that those who don’t vote in your HOA must endure the consequences. Best of luck to you and your wife. You shouldn’t have to take your valuable time and heart to deal with this idiocy...but you do. We moved and who bought from us...Californians of course.

The Bubba Estates HOA BoD tried to change the bylaws to:

Allow the BoD to hold the annual homeowners' meeting at a location "within or without the state of Florida." That means anywhere between Pensacola, Jacksonville, or Key West. It also means: China, Bolivia, France, Hawaii, the North Pole, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, etc.

Reimburse BoD members for expenses incurred while performing their duties (e.g. travel to Pensacola, Jacksonville, Key West, China, Bolivia, France, Hawaii, the North Pole, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, etc. to attend the annual homeowners meeting).

Form a "Nominating Committee," appointed by the HOA president, who would decide who can and cannot run in BoD elections.

The bylaws require the annual homeowners' meeting to take place within 60 days of April 1st (January 30th to May 30th). They held the 2021 meeting in February, before most people could get the COVID-19 vaccine, because according to the HOA president, "the vaccines don't work."

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