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July 29, 2020


Thx for this info! Sad state of affairs.

I wish the BLM leaders would have gotten off the streets 6 weeks ago, written a slate of what they want done, arranged for a meeting with the police and the Portland City Council.
The continued protests have given Trump political opportunities. Sad.

To clarify my previous comment: In my personal opinion, the protests were needed and successful. I just wish the leaders could have taken advantage of the moment and met with those who could implement the changes the leaders/ protesters want. I fear that the window is closing due to lack of proposed changes and the current violence. I hope I am wrong.

This is big bowl of bullshit. Bev Barnum burned that group down for her own benefit. I watched it all happen in real time as she apologized profusely to Black leadership she proclaimed to have turned the group over to, only to then quickly derail their leadership by deleting them from the group as admin and posting her 501c3 rhetoric.

Shame shame, Bev Barnum. A lot of us took screen shots of your malarkey as proof of your hypocrisy.

Oh nooo you are missing some key information here sir. You are completely missing the story. Bev left a mama on her OWN with those horrible agents because of her own ego, promised everyone she’d turn leadership over the Black mamas then went behind their backs with major decisions, and then gaslighted everyone about it when they asked questions.

The real story is that the mamas in the group did not** stand for a woman touting to support antirascist work to be perpetuating violence on the very Black moms she enlisted to lead. They didn’t stand for her using it for her own gain and changing the agenda without consulting anyone. They saw her BS for what it was and decided to no longer follow her leadership. If you read through the thousands of posts that I have today, you’ll see a fuller picture of this woman who is not fit to lead.

Obviously you didn't see Bev in action on Facebook at 2 a.m. this morning. I did. She has deleted the posts because it shows her in a very bad light. She treated the black leaders of the group very disrespectfully by misleading them about her goals, capitalizing on their hard effort to help build the movement, going behind their back to make WOMs a "brand" without informing the leadership, then basically threatening to punish them in court. She was defensive, argumentative, and incredibly condescending. It's clear that she has hijacked this movement to gain notoriety. She even said that she hoped Michelle Obama would return her call. I think she'll be waiting a long time for that to happen.

6,000 women have already defected from Bev's private WOM Facebook group because they care about black lives and aren't interested in a publicity stunt.

So, thanks for speaking from your position of white, male privilege about a group you know nothing about, but no thanks.

Bev is just another darn rabble rousing foreigner...

The woke eating the woke and the "white" and “white Hispanic” “Liberal” woke learning what the new Jim Crow era is all about - racism by another “color”.

Brother Brian said:
"Why not have a Wall of Moms at rallies supporting efforts to combat global warming? Or immigration reform. Or health care for all. Or a $15/hour federal minimum wage. Or stopping pipelines slated to cross Native American lands. "
Wrong question.
Why not have a Wall of Moms, Dads, Brothers, & Sisters picking up tools, planting seeds, planting trees, DOING SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE??!!!
Protesting accomplishes nothing. Zero nada ziltch.
NONE of my attitudes, opinions, activities or life philosophy has changed by protests.
You want change in this world? Then roll up your sleeves, set your shoulder for the road amd make something happen.
"Protesting" is just another manifestation of failing, ultra-liberal group think.
Butm go ahead and waste all of the time you want. It's your life.
I'll continue to work and produce for the good of society.

The problem in this case is a lack of transparency of the true agenda. It is not right to say you support a movement (BLM) then use that movement to build an organization that will ultimately sabotage that same movement, ignore the leaders of that movement, and not even inform them that the vision is something different. You can't authentically claim to support a movement and then not listen to the needs of the leaders of that movement. However well intentioned this might (or might not) have been, this was hijacking of a movement for ulterior motives, and is really harmful.

Lol nobody cares fag.

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