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July 02, 2020


I sent a long reply to Salem Reporter today. Hopefully, some of my suggestions will be considered.

I disagree with the opinion of the responder! How do you have a conversation with someone who.starts out stating that the right is completely wrong?? Most people don't lean left. That was shown in the 2016 election and will be shown in 2020. If you live in Oregon even it doesn't lean left! Only Portland and Eugene were blue in the last election!! And people are sick and tired of those 2 cities running this state!! It is sad that each side holds that they are right!! They aren't. But unless something gives it will continue to hurt our country and our state

"The stark reality is that most Americans favor core progressive/liberal policies. Locally, there's no doubt that Salem is a liberal town."
Another stark reality is that ultra lefties believe that if they repeat something enough times it becomes reality.
Remember; YOU MUST continue to repeat, "Two plus two equals five" for at least 30 minutes daily.
By all means; keep the faith....

Actually, Clinton carried 8 counties in Oregon and Salem, but not Marion County. (Multnomah and Lane, yes, but also Lincoln, Benton, Clackamas, Clatsop, Washington, and Hood River). Percentage of the vote wasn't even close: 51.7% to 41.1%. People vote; counties and land mass do not.

I hope we Ds and Rs agree on more than we disagree on. Maybe it would be good to start from there. I guess I'd say that, in Oregon, we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all people are created equal and endowed with certain unalienable rights. Among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I think we disagree about what some of these terms mean, but can't we come together around the general principle and hash out the details as we go along? Once we get past the basic ideas, it is not helpful to say that one opinion is right and every other opinion is evil or stupid or disingenuous.

Liberalism is a luxury.
It, like most of it's hot button issues are a matter of choice.
Have you heard or seen ANY liberal issues in the news since the pandemic?
When shit hits the fan, people get conservative REAL FAST.
It's called reality setting in.
And this little episode is NOTHING!
When the Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake rips, you won't find a "Liberal" or any one calling themselves that on the west coast.
The luxury era will be over.
What will be on peoples minds?
Food. Water. Shelter. Heat. Sanitation.......
And no toilet paper or electricity blogging for at least a year.
Who will have time for cockamamie liberal nonsense?
Not liberals, that's for sure. They are the ones that are LEAST prepared.

'Liberal' is a misused term in my opinion. A liberal is tolerant of ideas that differ from their own even if they feel differently. A liberal is magnanimous. In today's radical Leftist environment any dissent to their woke mob mentality is cancelled as racist, white supremacist , oppressive, insensitive and evil.. the stuff of the White Devil. Today's "liberal" is extremist and fascistic.

It is the conservative speaking about traditional values, freedom and hard work who is shouted down and not allowed a voice on college campuses. It is they who are driven away.

Many people are quietly boiling about the utter BS of the current political climate promulgated and foisted upon gullible and conditioned minds by the utterly corrupt lying media and their cohorts, the mis-educational system.

The backlash will be felt in November. We will see how many people want to live under the totalitarian dictates of the radical intolerant and irrational, hypocritical, illogical political Left who have commandeered the formerly sane Democratic Party.

Totally agree, Mars Parsons.
For a thoughtful and comprehensive analysis, listen to this:

The situation in Salem today is this. The Republican's are a shrinking minority. As of the May 19th election only 24% of registered voters in Salem were Republicans and that percentage is dropping every day.

Democrats now have a double digit advantage in half of the eight City Council wards in Salem and a near double digit advantage in two more. Republicans do not have a registration advantage over Democrats in any ward, though Ward 4 (far south Salem) and Ward 8 (West Salem hills) are pretty close. But this is a big change from the past.

Democrats even hold a small registration advantage in Marion County now. It's only going to get worse for Republicans as the Latinx community is the fastest growing population in Salem and Marion County and when they vote (not often enough at the moment) they vote Democrat.

So a lot of the turmoil that Zaitz talks about stems from Republicans trying desperately to hold on to the power that they have enjoyed in the past. For 14 years Republican City Councilors were in charge of the Salem City Council under two Republican mayors. That only changed in 2017 with the election of Councilor Hoy.

Next year the City Council will have only one Republican (Councilor Lewis). Quite a change! Republican candidates for City Council made a last ditch effort in May to stem the tide by spending an unprecedented amount of money on their candidates and failed miserably. They didn't even come close to defeating the Democrats.

The School Board is another story. There the Republicans are still in charge, but I think that is likely to start to change next year. So I agree with you Brian that there is no need to come together and sing Kumbaya! The Democratic Party's ascendance and dominance will continue in Salem and even in Marion County, and the voters will have spoken. It's called democracy.

Trump is the most successful anarchist in modern times. Anarchists take down governments when their supporters can no longer tolerate the governments that they live under. Once successful, they are rarely good at actually running the governments that they replace. The left wing Sandanistas in Nicaragua were guerilla warriors that were not up to the task of running the government. The American Revolutionaries had very little influence on the Continental Congress. The skills of revolutionaries are not particularly useful for bureaucracies or for acquiring and maintaining broad support. When Trump got into the White House, he appropriately looked around and asked himself: What am I doing here? His current loss of support seems irreversible, but we will have to wait and see what happens.

Happy Fourth. Regardless of what is coming up, our formerly democratic country lasted for an historically lengthy time and future governments can learn from our experiences.

The County and the School Board are Republican strongholds. It is somewhat ironic that the Republicans that promote real estate sales, business expansion, and religious based policies (Marion County just eliminated family planning and birth control services and the School Board is now led by anti-choice proponents) seems to have attracted a demographic (primarily from our southern neighbors) that continues to reject their policies. Hoisted on their own petard, so to speak.

Unfortunately, the Republican Party decided a long time ago under Nixon, then Reagan etc. to be racist and divisive. Now that they sold their souls to Trump the most racist and divisive person to inhabit the White House, not much is likely to change (hopefully next year with a new President and Senate). They have decided being in power is more important than our country and its Constitution. I think many/most people have finally had it.......you can't keep large percentages of the population down and deprieved and think that our country can continue to operate as a democracy when you disenfranchise millions of people. I think Senator Merkley said it best, "It [our country] mimics what happens with authoritarian regimes around the world............our only real power to remedy this tremendous corruption of the American promise of equal justice........is an election." He is right, this is the time for Americans to choose Democracy--yes, it's messy--but it beats where Trump wants to take us--like his mentor Putin--to an authoritarian regime.

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