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June 11, 2020


This is why I continue to resist going to the barber for now.
Gadds! My hair is the same color and approaching the same length as Brian"s!!!
All I have to do is wear the same mask as him and we can have a look alike contest!
Not to worry; look alike is a far cry from think alike......

I keep track of Oregon for our family living there. Arizona, where I am currently quarantining, has rising numbers. Some of that is due to the political bs that has been spread that masks aren't needed. We see way too many thinking it's not about them. well, it is as in new cases reported, the largest influx are those 20 to 44. That may not be true of deaths but this is not a fun disease. Social distance and wear masks. It's not rocket science.

And to add to it down here, we have a fire that is spreading smoke throughout at least our end of the valley. A fire that could have been stopped in the beginning but the powers that be thought it'd be good for the habitat with high temps coming of 108ºF. There's a name for that when you add in the other things going wrong-- but since this is someone else's blog, I won't add it. lol I wrote about the fire in my own blog for those with family near the area and concerned.

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