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June 26, 2020


Local government should be providing, free of charge, effective, reusable, cloth masks to anyone who wants them. They should be available at numerous, convenient sites throughout the city.

Since the youth that this letter was targeting will not be answering, let me take a shot at answering for them:

"My ultra-liberal indoctrination from K - 12 has taught me that YOU are a boomer.
YOU are the cause of all of society's problems. I don't care if you get sick and die."

"My ultra-liberal indoctrination from K - 12 has taught me that white lives don"t matter.
You're white. You don't matter."

"My ultra-liberal indoctrination from K - 12 has taught me that ANYTHING GOES.
All we have to do is say something into existence and it becomes reality. So DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!"

"My ultra-liberal indoctrination from K - 12 has taught me that It's OUR world now. You had your chance and that chance is OVER"

"It's our world now NOT YOURS!

...as if we were any different. The future has always belonged to the young. They are the only ones that will be around and they are the only ones that are sufficiently motivated to act deliberately enough to overcome inertia.
Cultural changes evolve slowly and are rarely reversed.
Life perseveres, like the Gatti trees.

Just because the gov't , the ENTIRE gov't from left to right, top to bottom, bungled this one up doesn't make it the 99%'s fault and mean they have to adhere to their ridiculous plan, a plan that has failed and will continue to fail, and not live their lives. They could have rallied around at-risk people (and those in close contact with them) such as yourself instead of punishing the other 99% and saved a TON of lives and EVEN MORE money from mega corporations that never needed it and they STILL CAN but ... they don't! You want to be upset at someone for the situation we're in? You want to blame someone? BLAME THEM!

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