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March 12, 2020


Thank you for your thoughts about the coronavirus outbreak.
"(2) Trump supporters need to wake up."
No, YOU need to wake up.
Your TDS which only in severe cases such as yours morphs into Cranial Rectosis, precludes awakening.
Other than your involuntary, lock-step, TDS laden diatribe; I agree with your points.
Can we focus on the points?
Hard for me to believe after all of these years that you CANNOT overcome something as weak as TDS.

I agree with all that Skyline presented above.

You have a very severe case of TDS which is warping your ability to discriminate.. not only Cranial Rectosis but this seems to be exacerbated by Trumpus Propagandus Absorbtitis and Group Thinkus Maximus.

Quit trusting mainstream media sources such as network news as well as CNN and MSNBC both of which are appalling in their bias and dishonesty, staffed by puppets and buffoons. Don't trust articles from the NY Times and the Washington Post. Both have completely abandoned the journalistic standards they were known for in decades past. It is alarming what all these outlets get away with and what people believe. Hollywood and the entertainment industry, in general, are badly afflicted with TDS though some have escaped infection and developed antibodies.

This Corona virus is not yet understood. Knowledge is incomplete. Information is distorted. and misreported. In the meantime, keep your hands clean. Stay in cash. Don't try to pick the bottom of this market.

Obviously, I pretty much agree with Skyline and Tucson. The latest I heard from the left-wing media was praising how presidential Biden looked when he addressed the nation on the virus (and, of course, the opposite about Trump). Is it their job to do that or just to relay what was said? It's so biased that it's hard to listen to it for any length of time even to find out what they are saying.

In our world of political opposites the same three initials, TDS, are used as a pejorative both left and right.

Trump Defender Syndrome (TDS) is an affliction endemic to Trump supporters whereby any mention of the name Trump immediately causes defensiveness.

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a term for criticism or negative reactions to President Trump that are alleged to be irrational and have little regard towards Trump's actual positions or actions taken.

Which version and why is Skyline using this pejorative reference in a response to the Blogger Brian Covid-19 thoughts. Skyline says he “agree(s) with your points. Can we focus on the points?”

I believe Skyline is agreeing with the elements of the blog that do not declare negative ideas about President Trump. Is that not an opposite TDS?

To that end I extracted Blogger Brian's negative references to DJT

“Last night Trump gave a speech designed to reassure a worried nation. It had the opposite effect. Which isn't surprising, because Trump can be guaranteed to tell lies, falsehoods, and half-truths at every opportunity. His failure to mobilize the federal government in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak has made a bad situation way worse.

“The lack of testing kits is a clear case of presidential malpractice.

“Unfortunately, those who will become seriously ill because of our Idiot-in-Chief won't be able to sue him.”

“… the crap Trump has been spewing about the coronavirus outbreak can't be trusted.

“Trump's ideas for bolstering the economy were feeble and made little sense, while what is needed to calm the markets is a strong, fact-based, scientifically sound approach to dealing with the coronavirus.”

No question, a portion of the essay rails against Trump and, therefore, the author is certainly a Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) example.

Unfortunately, Skyline's response is also a Trump Defender Syndrome (TDS) example supported with Latin based big word insults that rail against Blogger Brian with the same negativity that the blog essay offers about DJT.

As we face COVID-19 as a nation and a community I invite both TDS factions to soften their words and focus on agreements rather than bombastic blame.

This is not political but rather some good clarification and advice concerning the Corona virus that will be of benefit to others. Spread it around. (not the virus)


".... big word insults that rail against Blogger Brian with the same negativity that the blog essay offers about DJT. "

Nothing could be further from the truth.
I DO NOT have BDS (Brian Derangement Syndrome).
I LUV, LUV, LUV my over the hill (geographically, not age wise) brother Hines!
Need proof:

Ever seen Brian send that to President Trump?

Wow these hate filled aggressive diatribe riddled posts filled with troll like name calling directed against this blogger sharing his opinion and information is a sad and shameless example of the ugly American.

This is not political but rather some good clarification and advice concerning the Corona virus that will be of benefit to others. Spread it around. (not the virus)


What is false about it?

Documentation please.

I'm not asking for my sake. Maybe someone read the comment and needs to know if it is false medical advice.

I might have taken the time to edit some of the wording to more accurately reflect my understanding rather than that of a social media writer. In my experience, and anecdotally, much of what is in there has helped with virus conditions and also to judge the severity of them. My apologies to anyone who may have been mislead.

Best to go to cdc.gov/coronavirus for info on this particular disease.

tucson, here's a link to a CNN story about the dangerously misleading "Stanford board" advice about the coronavirus.


Brian, Yes, I saw your post on Churchless. It is good you exposed misleading information in regard to COVID-19.

However, a few things in the deleted post should not be dismissed...

Drinking water and sipping at intervals is good to do when sick with viruses.

In fact, drinking water, even when healthy, especially in the absence of other fluids, is actually known to prevent death.

It may serve as a warning to some people to try taking a deep breath and holding it for ten seconds to assess their lung condition. Sedentary types and others with low body awareness may benefit from doing this.

.. as evidenced by women whose body awareness was so low they actually had no idea they were pregnant until they gave birth in an airport restroom. This is not to say if you have discomfort taking a deep breath that you are necessarily pregnant. Don't want to mislead anyone.

This Corona virus is not yet understood. Knowledge is incomplete. Information is distorted. said Mr Tuscon

Trump via his son in law should ask how they have zero death
in the Holy Land and how he holds the fearless mass press meetings

Canard in the mine

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