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December 12, 2019


"One day, humanity may well be judged for how we treated our relatives on the tree of life."
WELL, WOAH!!!! Drop anchor for a second! Engines off; all stop!
WH....WHA...WHAT, did I just read from Brother Hines?
"Someday" we might be judged?
Judged by whom?
Why, I've never heard of such a thing!
By who's standard will we be judged; Brian Hines's?
No. That can't be. Brian & I will be kicking the bucket within the next few decades.
Boy, I need to look further into this.....

So what you want for cows and sheep is that they never live at all. Obviously, nobody can feed a herd of cattle without some way to pay for the animals. The mothers can never have babies because they grow up and must be fed-- forever. Your mentality is that better to never live at all than to have a good life for a period of time and then be killed mercifully. I guess that goes well with the green new deal where cows are the problem.

Did you read that vegetables also react in ways that shows pain? How about trees communicating with each other? What you basically have done is decided it's okay to rip a carrot from the ground and rend it apart with no quick death for that matter.

You also ignore how much ground would have to be plowed and taken out of forest to plant more soybeans. Feeding the whole world with veggies will take a lot more work but that's irrelevant.

You appear to know nothing about cattle, how they operate in a herd, how they form relationships and sometimes even ostracize one animal, driving them from the herd for their own reasons. Of course, they feel pain. So do I when we have to sell some for meat-- but if more people ate meat responsibly, the land would be healthier for it. No Bambi mentality that turns animals into mini-humans but a responsible view of balance in life.

I've eaten in In n Out down in Tucson and never seen anything but a single hamburger with cheese-- of course cheese is also a no-no given how dairies operate unless they are organic. I guess they have double cheeseburgers but never anything like that photo. You sure that wasn't tofu burger?

I appreciate your perspective on this. It sounds like you are an ethical vegetarian, and I always wonder how ethical vegetarians grapple with the notion that eating cheese and eggs also cause a significant harm to animals. I am vegan but every so often I will have cheese or eggs, and I grapple with the ethical side of that.

I do enjoy occasionally eating at In-N-Out. I order either the grilled cheese with grilled onions, or a grilled cheese without cheese. It's crunchy and flavorful and delicious. I think if more of us veg folks eat at places like this, eventually they will have to start offering plant-based options. The grilled cheese option is a start, but I know they can do better. So many fast food joints are offering a plant-based option, and I think in and out might eventually consider it. The only way they will do that, though, is if people eat there and ask for food without meat.

Professor Koch wrote: "We should extend a universal ethical stance to all creatures...For all experience life, book-ended between two eternities."

--How did the first eternity ever arrive at the first bookend?
Was it a finite eternity?

This guy is such a shitty writer that the majority of his blog post is a quote from someone else’s book. This should be titled Boomer is Upset Because Most People Disagree With Him.

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