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December 13, 2019


Thank you for your thoughtful response, Brian, and for sharing part of your own story.

Indeed, theatre has always collected outsiders, from the first Mime troupes in ancient Rome, through the times when being an actor meant excommunication from the church. For a time, becoming an actor *meant* becoming an outsider. Moreover, being an actor teaches people in a very visceral way what it is like to walk in someone else's shoes.

The theatre takes all comers. :-)

I think people should start worrying if they feel or consider themselves, 'Normal!'
Normal people are no fun at all! Personally, have always preferred the company of misfits generally speaking, apart from those rare souls whose wisdom and compassion transcends all stereotypes.
At least you don't need a permanent catheter, Brian, they tend to always cause infection after a while. I used to let my Ma wet the bed using adequate absorbent bed mats underneath, rather than let her suffer the infections. These experiences are practical Buddhism in action and can teach us more than a ton of theory.
I would advise everyone to have at least five cats to get used to bodily fluids and clearing up little presents when they decide not to use their litter trays, just to familiarise themselves with reality.
My father ended up with a colostomy bag, that was excellent Buddhist training for me because it used to leak all over him and the bed, he couldn't change it himself due to failing eyesight and was bedridden.
We pay so much attention to youth and the body beautiful but Buddhism has a different, much more intelligent view of the body which is more in line with the reality. The rest of the time we just kid ourselves with the surface.
Viva the misfits! Unlike the majority, they have experienced the dark side of the Moon.

Today, Mrs. Skyline & I attended a play at Pentacle that rates as one of the finest we've seen in 40 years of season tickets.
"Murder on the Orient Express"
THIS is exactly why we support Local Theater.
We DO NOT support local theater to have radical, risky, unhealthy and otherwise odd-ball lifestyle choices shoved down our throats.
Those tickets go in the fireplace. Too bad we can't get a refund for them.
GREAT JOB, on this play, Pentacle!!!
Had a great time!!!!

Late to the party, but, After this past year of covid and a few even more wack things perpetrated on me (the kind people disbelieve) i could use a misfit or two right about now who understand this stuff.
Thanks for sharing Brian. I'm super sorry how and that this happened. It is not bad enough that this happened, but having to live with the extra punishment in the "how" sucks.
Yip these are the kinds of things that could drive us away or eventually make us call on even a something we are hard pressed to believe exists. (Don't go full circle on us Brian 🙈 , 🤗hug).

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