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October 16, 2019


My sympathies.

I know how it is.

Dogs are family.

Sorry for your loss. It truly is like losing a human member of your family.

I’m crying with you. It’s so hard to say goodbye to our beloved family members. I hope that the last few really good days together eases the pain and grief.

I know the feeling having experienced same.
It's like losing your best friend.

So sorry.
It's about to happen to us. Our two very old dogs are slowing up. I still take them for walks each day. One has extreme difficulty getting up our stairs. Arthritis was diagnosed. Medicine prescribed. So we're not taking any long trips, because we know it is near the end.
But I don't want them in extreme pain.
Just taking it day by day.

I need help! .Our French buldog had a herniated disk so he had a super complicated surgery. Over a year later, he hasn't gotten any better, even after many different types of treatment.

Hes not in great pain. But he lost the movement of his hind legs, therefore, he has fecal and urinary incontinence, which has been getting worse and worse...

Weve been changing his diapers since then, but even tough we change his diapers and wash his entire body as often as 4 to 7 times a day, he cries and screams out of pain in every sing diaper changing time...

His anal area is really inflammatory, even bleeding sometimes, since his been pooping more and more often. Weve changed his food already, gave him meds for intestinal issues but nothing really worked.

So we came to the conclusion that we must put him to sleep. HERES THE THING, THOUGH. HES ONLY 5 YEARS OLD...

It breaks our hearts... he is like our baby. He alternate sleeping in out bed cuddling with myself, my husband our my kids...

It just got to the point that we cant barely go out to work and live him alone anymore. If I leave him outside with no diapers on the results are beyond horrific. He poops all over the. Place steps on it and excel lies down on it... it's super sad...
On the other hand if we leave him with the diapers on for longer than 4 hours, it leaks all over the place as well..

It just hurts us so much that hes only 5 years old... but weve been trying to do our best for over a year... But now we fell that we must use the reason annd not out emotions anymore...

Please words of comfort...

Thanks so much.

Ana, you've got a tough decision to make with a dog so young. All I can do is share some thoughts after reading what you wrote.

It sounds to me like you feel that putting him to sleep is the right thing to do. But your love for your bulldog is so strong, you're questioning that feeling -- which is completely understandable.

ZuZu, our dog that I wrote about in this post, wasn't very old when she was put to sleep. Six or seven, I believe. She was a rescue dog, so we never knew her exact age.

So I don't know if it matters a whole lot whether your dog is five or fifteen. What matters is how difficult it is for you and your family to care for your dog, given the incontinence. And also the distress that your dog is experiencing.

The fact that you can't leave him alone while you are at work seems important to me. That puts a big burden on you.

My thought is, trust yourself. If you know that putting your dog to sleep is the right thing to do, trust that knowing. If you want to wait a while before doing this, then trust that wanting. There's no absolute right or wrong here.

There's just a difficult decision. You won't feel completely good about any decision you make, given your love for the dog and your need to live your own life without constant stress.

I'll end by sharing something my 4th grade teacher said a lot, and I've remembered all these years. "Do your best. Angels can do no better." None of us is perfect. We just try to do our best.

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