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September 27, 2019


Totally agree! This has been bothering me also. The health issues have nothing to do with vaping flower using conduction or convection vaporizers. I use the Pax 3 and buy from authorized state stores here in Colorado. I have quit using my AiroPro cartridge pen style. It has a harsh, hot irritating vapor.

The media and the CDC are doing their best to make marijuana the "evil weed" again. I am a 68 year old Med Marijuana patient from Michigan with chronic degenerative disc disease. I have been vaping flower with my PAX 3 for over 4 years for pain and depression. Without it, I don't know what I would do. The media and the CDC have never made a statement about vaping flower.
It would be nice if they would clear that up, but they won't.

The culprit with vaping seems to be super heated/concentrated Vit E acetate which is used to preserve contents of vape devices according to my pulmonologist son-in-law who sees people with vape lung damage.

Vaping cannabis flower is different but lungs are delicate and designed for allowing oxygen to permeate lung tissue into the bloodstream. Repeated vaping may, over the long term, leave harmful residues. Do all these vaped cannabinoids and other substances completely bypass lung tissue into the bloodstream safely without leaving a trace? Cannabis flower is very resinous. I doubt there is not a price to pay for its use as is the case with most substances. We pay a price for living in civilization where all sorts of crap is in the air which may be worse than vaporized cannabis resin.

If I liked THC and cannabinoid terpenes I'd probably do edibles. There's got to be a price to pay for that too. The user weighs the benefits vs costs and makes their decision.

I have been a long-term user of a CBD topical in a base of beeswax, lavender and eucalyptus oils, with benefit. I get no benefit at all from marijuana.

Hey there!

This is a very interesting topic that has been going on. What are the real dangers of vaping? Is it vaping itself or what's being vaped? I agree that what's causing illnesses and deaths is something in a product that's being vaped. However, we really need more studies and/ to dig deeper into this to help everyone understand everything about vaping.


Here is a nice supporting article.


Well said! They need to make that distinction. Vaping dry herb flower should be promoted much more than it is. Give people the TRUE organic healthy method of ingestion.

Hi Brian,
I wonder how safe is Marijuana. How long have you been using it?

A good blog always comes-up with new information.
By the way what do you think about "can we mix CBD with melatonin"? It's something i get asked quite often from my own blog readers on the post as I explained: https://www.newphaseblends.com/can-i-mix-cbd-oil-with-melatonin/

I feel my voice changes a bit after vaping weed flowers. Is it because of the oil in it? Is this oil going to the lungs? Is it difficult to to clean out of the lungs by our body? ( it certainly is difficult to clean it from the vaporiser as it (the oil...) stuck strongly in it (vaporiser).

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