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August 08, 2019


Blogger says: "That's why I'm complaining about DirecTV rather than Trump, even though both are hugely irritating."

--I have been observing Trump since the 80's. He can be bombastic, narcissistic and sophomoric. Some of his tweets are ill considered. But I have never seen any evidence of racism or white nationalism on his part. Never. Nationalism.. yes. I like his nationalism. He is the President of the United States after all. I like his freewheeling non-PC style. I hate PC culture and redistributionist politics. I am more irritated by the new DirecTV interface than I am with Trump. There I can agree with the Blogger. This is rare. Oh, I guess we agree about religion, but for me there is a Conscious Matrix of Life. I could call it God but that term carries far too much baggage. But I digress.

Well, us hard working conservatives that live high atop Prospect Hill get about 50 HD channels for free, over the air, including 2 CBS stations. :p
As for President Trump:
You need to pace your bitching about him a bit slower.
Otherwise you may run out of material over the next 5 years.

You have Apple TV and you're using that to watch Colbert et al? Is the picture/sound acceptable? If so, you don't need Apple TV. And you don't need DirecTV.

I assume you have a computer and it accesses the internet.

Browse to CBS.com, then find the episode of whatever you want to watch, connect an HDMI cable from your computer's 2nd video output to your TV, direct your TV to accept input from that HDMI port and you should be in business. Whatever appears on your computer will appear on your TV.

From the "yeah-but and what-about" department: You will have to contend with positioning the computer and/or an HDMI cable of what may be problematic length. Life is full of trade-offs.

Unless I am very wrong, this should work just fine.

I despise DirectTV too but a least they aren't nearly as crooked as Hillary. 😆

Why??? Why do you suck so much? Especially during this time. Trying to watch on Demand which is PAID extra for and always being subjected to 'theres a problem and we are working on. It. So...too bad i ve been a LOYAL customer for 5 yrs and in this time it's like i have a PT job that goes unpaid. As a matter of fact I am still waiting on my W2 from AT&T. And i can't even rid DirectTV without a penalty charge. The people are outraged. You should clean your house if you want a family. $$$

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