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August 06, 2019


"The 2019 model is fine, but there's a few features on my GTI that I like so much, I can't do without them. Notably, adaptive cruise control and rain-sensing wipers. Plus safety features like blind spot detection."

-- If it is believed there is a climate crisis caused by human pollution then I see the allure of new technology in cars as counter-productive. People are induced to buy new cars which have to be manufactured which causes more pollution. One could say hybrid cars pollute less but still the energy they run on has to be produced somewhere = pollution.

Personally, I think people should be free to buy whatever and how many cars they want.

I see technology as a double-edged knife. It solves problems and creates them. One problem is the necessity for many new laws all the time to regulate the myriad of ways people can screw each other up. This creates an ever larger governmental system which itself is a problem.. Regulate this. Control that. Tax this. Require that.

Indigenous indian people were content with more or less the same level of technological development for many generations. Many millenia. Why was that? They weren't/aren't stupid. An aborigine can learn to read, do math and understand physics.

It seems that their culture, religion and philosophy of life was oriented towards their being a part of the earth that they held sacred. They were/are content with that. They did not aspire to technology beyond the basics of food, clothing and shelter. They had some ceremonies and reproduced. Occasionally there was a refinement in arrowhead design or something like that, but no big technological leaps. They mostly left only traces of their existence despite living on the earth for 200,000 years or maybe much longer. I think they were inherently environmentalists without really thinking of it in that way. This is not to put them on a pedestal and idolize them. Some of them were cruel, ignorant, SOB's. Nothing has changed in the human condition except technology.

I don't think we are any happier in our technological civilization than they were in theirs. Maybe, to save the earth we should go back to it, to a simple subsistence way of life. I don't see that happening though. There are billions and billions of people. The technological cat is out of the bag. It will have to evolve and run its course as it will.

Sit back and go for the ride.. in a car or not.

Have you checked out the 2019 Corvette?
DROP what you're doing and make a special trip to the local Chevy dealership and check it out.
Seriously; I see Brian Hines in a Corvette, NOT some cracker box, budget, go-cart.
Say and repeat, " Corvette Stingray"!
Oh yeah, that's you, Brian! That's you!!!

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