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May 31, 2019


Lasson is worse in my opinion.
We won't do business at either.

Car buying is an adversarial situation. Everybody remains cordial and polite but beneath the veneer is the seller's desire to squeeze every cent out of you they can. They are merciless, which is their prerogative. Really, if you think about it. It has to be that way. At dealerships, I have rarely purchased a car without literally hours of going back and forth with salesmen and management haggling over price. The key to success is to not care if you get the car or not. It's a game. Instead of playing golf that day or going fishing or whatever you do, you go to the car dealership for giggles and grins, to watch them try all the sales tactics they have been trained to use and fail. If you play it right you won't get screwed. But they are pros and have seen your type many times. Remember: There's always another car and another day. Don't like their game? Leave. Don't worry about their feelings. They don't worry about yours as they lift a few extra thousand out of your wallet.

A key to success is to have cash. If you can't afford to pay cash for the car then you should be looking for a car you can afford to pay cash for. Cars are a bad investment from the get go. They depreciate steadily. Immediately. So why add insult to injury by getting into a financing situation and paying even more in interest? 0% financing? Bull shit. You will pay more for the car in the payment structure than you would if you paid cash. Have a trade-in? Sell it yourself. You will always get a thousand or more than what the dealer will give you. Always. Too lazy to do that? Don't like answering calls, answering questions and meeting with strangers in dimly-lit mall parking lots? You will pay by letting the dealer take the car off your hands. Sometimes it's worth it.

So, you find out the actual dealer cost (lower than factory invoice) of the car you are interested in. If you don't know that figure you're sunk. Be prepared to get shafted. You may not know it but you will be. They'll be high fiving in the back room. Anyway, begin work a few hundred dollars below that figure. Of course they won't sell to you at that price. They will come back with a slightly lower price than what is on the window sticker but it will still be higher by thousands than what is a fair deal. So you offer them a hundred or two more than your starting offer. Then they will come down another hundred or two, while you only go up another hundred. This may go on for a while. Back and forth. Ho hum. You've seen it many times.

Eventually they will discover you are a stubborn SOB and will finally get real about the price. They will offer a more realistic number but it will still be a thousand or more than you intend to pay. So you go up another hundred. The salesman gets an exasperated look on his face as you refuse to accept what he thinks is an offer you won't refuse. Then he comes back with the sales manager. The sleeves are rolled up and now real negotiations begin. They try to pressure you at this point. The veneer of politeness remains but now the body language is serious. They imply that you are not being reasonable and that they have a business to run and overhead to pay. Children to feed. You don't care about that. It's your money and they want all they can get. It's business. You know that finally the real price of the car is getting close. When the bottom line is reached they still are making money or they won't sell you the car. They will let you walk. The price gap incrementally gets closer as they go down a little and you go up a little but less than they go down.

A few times I have shook hands with them and said thank you, no deal and walked out. One time they let me walk but this, I think, is because they had pride and didn't want to capitulate and let me win, not because my final offer was too low. Another time the salesman ran out to the parking lot and called me back.. He said "I think we can make a deal" and there was the contract on the desk with my final offer on it. Deal done. They were happy (to get rid of me and go home) and I felt that I didn't get ripped off but still feeling there was money on the table. This is common. If they sold it to me for X they probably would have sold it for Y. You have to live with that. At least the amount is a hundred or so and not thousands.

I once bought a Mazda at sticker price in 1979. The dealer said, "That's the price. Take it or leave it. We don't deal." I said, "What if I walk?" The dealer said, "See ya". I bought the car. $4000. Can you believe a brand new car cost $4000? Today, that is just enough money to get a lot of headaches and repair bills.

In 2002, maybe '03, I bought a new Subaru online from a dealer in Beaverton. The salesman said, "That's our price. Bottom line." I took the deal and drove up with the wife to get the car. Very pleasant buying experience. No BS and I knew the price was fair.

When I knew more about 4Runners than the salesperson at Capitol Toyota, and they outright LIED and said they don’t come without sunroofs, I walked. I got my 4Runner at Broadway Toyota (no sunroof, thank you very much). I have it serviced at Capitol - which is lovely. When the salespeople call me and try to get me to
trade it in, my answer is always the same: “bitch, please.”

Anne, Capitol Toyota does have a wonderfully pleasant service waiting area. Fresh fruit. Cookies. Popcorn. Fresh brewed coffee machine. Fireplace. Big screen TV. Dog treats and dog water. Good decision to have your car services there.

"Anne, Capitol Toyota does have a wonderfully pleasant service waiting area. Fresh fruit. Cookies. Popcorn. Fresh brewed coffee machine. Fireplace. Big screen TV. Dog treats and dog water. Good decision to have your car services there."
No wonder you constantly get ripped off!
"When I bought my Mini Cooper in Portland, I was told that Mini only sells cars at the sticker price. OK, that made things easy"
You're a sucker, Brian!
O.K., that was harsh.You're not a sucker. You're a liberal.
Don't blame the car dealership or the sales person.
YOU are a scammers dream come true!!
Luv ya anyway, xoxoxoxo

We will be buying a Rav4 this year just to keep up with the Hines's.
But let me tell you about our last Toyota Purchase:
My wife got in the mood for a new car and, like you, spent a lot of time researching the details.
After months of sorting through it all, she found the EXACT new car she wanted at a **certain** local dealership. They agreed to a great price and the deal was on.
The day before we went to pick it up, I called the dealership and told them that they were to have the papers on the desk for us to sign and that we would not spend more than 15 minutes closing the deal.
We walked in, read, signed and dated the contract and handed them a check.
3 days later our phone rang and it was a manager from the dealership, "I'm sorry to bother you with this, but we sold you the car for $1000.00 less than we meant to. Can you bring us a check for $1000.00?"
I replied, "Not only no, but HELL NO!!!"
"So you're the kind of person that can live with this, " he asked?
"Yes", I replied. "I'm the kind of guy that negotiates a deal, signs a contract describing the terms and conditions of the deal for both parties, writes and signs a check for payment in full; yes. I'm THAT kind of guy. "
Less than a week later an employee of a friend of ours from Albany stopped in and noticed our new car.
When I told him the crazy part, he told me that THE SAME THING happened to his boss at the same dealership!!??? AND his boss heard about someone else that it happened to.
We have asked around and nobody in the business **admits** to have ever heard of this scam.
As for me, I buy all of the trucks for our business from Skyline Ford and have since 1986.
NO complaints. Love them!
If only they sold Toyota's!

Able to visit the Capitol Toyota one and loved the ambiance there. Surprised to see they have lots of treats for customers and even for pets. My friend easily processed his papers for the 4Runner purchase.

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