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March 20, 2019


The Chinese, for example, have been fucking the US over forever with tariffs, intellectual property theft and currency manipulation. Trump's tariffs are designed to break up that toxic, unfair situation so that negotiations can take place for a better deal for US business and respect for their copyright laws. True, tariffs make the situation worse until the weaker party capitulates. This is what Trump seeks to accomplish.. Chinese capitulation. He hopes they need us more than we need them. Otherwise, they become the #1 economic power in the world and run the show and their human rights and environmental record isn't all that stellar, is it?

I don't know if Trump's plan will succeed but I don't think it is smart to think he is stupid. Regardless of how you perceive his character/persona, he knows the money game and has made billions. If that were easy we'd all be billionaires, right?

Anyway, it all just evaporates in the end. From that perspective, nothing really matters. One could just throw up their hands and say "fuck it" like any good nihilist. I say go play and try to have a good time anyway keeping in mind it feels better to treat others right while you're doing it. The Chinese don't do that. Go Trump.

But, of course you were all in lock-step agreement with Obama's (worst president in the history of the USA) "cash for clunkers" disaster that systematically removed affordable transportation for the poor, young couples just starting out and new drivers.
Remember the little dogs people would set in their rear window that would nod yes as the car moved? That was you with every disastrous Obama program; YES, YES, YES!!!
I asked a car salesman about selling my '68 Volkswagen bug when I bought my new pickup.
He said that the low end car market almost vanished for a period thanks to that idiotic program.
Thankfully, we have a president that is looking out for ALL Americans, NOT just the elitists.
GO, President Trump!!!

Every 'smarter' president you seem to prefer would be raising even your taxes so much that you might consider that tariff a minor inconvenience. How do they pay for reparations or that green new deal? Two ways-- raising taxes and printing money. The crueler tax is printing money where people's dollars lose value and they don't even know why. Clever of the left who count on people not paying attention or being diverted by baubles...

Now the Muller report is out. No collusion. It was all BS from the start and a waste of the country's time. The whole Steele Dossier was part of a high level political coup attempt. But you will see no contrition. They (media and the Left) have too much hate invested in Trump for that. It will continue.

Tucson said: "It will continue".
Yes it will It will continue for 5 more years.
By the way, have you heard any Japanese or S. Korean citizens complaining about missing the rockets that flew regularly over their country's with Obama?
How's ISIS doing these days?
Oh I forgot; the corrupt media has TDS blinders on...

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