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February 09, 2019


Right on, I totally agree. While it may have been just as inappropriate in the 1980's it was not a subject that was discussed widely back them so people were just ignorant about it, but not maliciously so. We did not have the Internet or social media in the 80s either, making it a totally different world in terms of being able to quickly learn was is socially acceptable or offensive by other cultures. We cannot judge the past by present norms.

Good points, Sharon. You're right about social media. And when it came to news, there was the nightly news and a daily newspaper, plus weeklies like TIME and Life. The times were much different back then, for sure. I remember when I got my first transistor radio sometime in high school. It seemed like a miracle, to be able to walk around with a radio playing. Now I'm sounding old... because I am.

I didn't think he should either but given if they all resigned, it'd be a Republican taking the governor's job, I am sure the dems wouldn't want that. After watching the documentary on Netflix about Sam Cooke's life and death, I keep thinking how horrible racism has been and things that seemed innocent to whites were much more significant to blacks. A few years back, I cringed when I saw Holiday Inn one of the Astaire and Crosby musicals from way back. There is a black face number in it. There was a lot of it back then as well as painting blacks with a stereotypical brush.

I had none of the experiences with guys using terms like Brian described. I'd have dumped a boyfriend fast if I had heard those kind of insults from him toward others. Maybe I dated such guys and they saved the expressions to impress their guy pals, I think being PC can go too far but when it's cruel, then it's always been bad in my view.

Brian, you said: "The totality of one's life is what counts, not a few screwups"

I wish democrats gave Kavanaugh the same consideration especially when, after extensive investigation, no evidence was found in the Kavanaugh situation. The charges didn't match the man. Unfounded charges did not match the man. But in the intense 'hate Trump' psychological malignancy prevalent today, anything he does must be obstructed even if the obstruction makes no logical sense.

I hear you saying, "Yeah, but the charges against Kavanaugh were much more serious." That's right. The charges were, but not the evidence. Democrats just wanted to believe them because of their 'stop Trump at any cost' pathology. Kavanaugh was the victim of hatred of Trump. It's real hatred, unfounded in Trump's actions, but only in a perception of him due to his lack of political correctness and the perception of his crude, at times, unpresidential demeanor.

This wall thing is absurd. I live near the border. There is a flood of people coming in. Some of them are bad hombres. I've seen them in action. Tucson has one of the highest property crime rates in the country and a high violent crime rate. Many performed by illegals. That's just the way it is. You can't turn a blind eye and chant kumbayah. I know a rancher who always carries a gun because of threats, vandalism and theft on his property. The illegals stress resources and cost the taxpayer public far more than what Trump is asking. It's a no brainer. Simple. Logical. But hate prevails.. Vile, irrational hate inflamed by the prejudiced agenda of the dishonest, corrupt mainstream media. It is others, not Trump who are hateful.

Pelosi and Schumer know this. Of course they do. Schumer has made strong border security speeches in the past. Unfortunately it's all politics.
This sick hate of Trump literally trumps all logic and common sense. Of course a wall-fence-barrier is needed and will help. But Trump must be made to look bad in their minds. They hate him. They cringe at the sight of him. The mere mention of his name initiates revulsion. People have been conditioned like Pavlov's dogs. They don't want him to succeed in 2020. That's all it is. Hate and perverted politics. Not sound reason.

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