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January 21, 2019


I have only been vegan since January 1, 2018. However i used to occasionally go into Lifesource mainly for supplements but would also do some random shopping. So when i made this lifestyle choice i was shocked to walk in and see so much non vegan and non vegetarian food. This really surprises me because there are so many people moving the direction of meatless. Now i rarely go into Lifesource. I understand a company has to make a profit but the change almost feels like a betrayal of what i thought Lifesource represented.

While you think production of meat is bad for the planet, you don't seem as aware of what soybean production is doing to it by taking out forests in places like Brazil and Argentina and turning them into farms. I get how some don't like the idea of innocent animals being killed for food but as for whether it's unhealthy for the planet, you aren't doing much research about how bad soybeans are in the way they are used. https://www.smallfootprintfamily.com/why-soy-is-bad-for-you-and-the-planet.

And then there is an even more serious matter where it comes to bread, soybeans or anything that is currently harvested with Roundup and those crops include wheat, oats, soybeans, corn and a lot more. I thought I was gluten sensitive and had done what I could to cut it from my diet... then i began to read about how it was glyphosate in Roundup and the way wheat is harvested in this country. Our federal authorities assure it's safe for us as they only spray it on two weeks before harvest to make harvest faster. Well, maybe for some folks but once they had genetically modified plants that it wouldn't kill, farmers and the chemical companies were thrilled. More money. Well, if someone isn't sensitive to glyphosate, it still might be harming them in small ways they don't know. For me, it was big ways. I've gone from not thinking organic matters to knowing that for me it does. I can now eat the whole wheat bread that is organic... And another friend of mine says as soon as she eats something that isn't organic, her joints begin to hurt. It impacts us different ways.

So don't be so confident that your soybeans aren't damaging the planet for the numbers of them required when people don't use small amounts of meat to balance their diet. Worse, those soybeans, your tofu, just might be doing your body damage in ways you don't know-- all to profit Monsanto and their ilk. Go organic!

"And we appreciate the 10% senior discount. "
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Every time I see a young married couple with a child in their arms, I think, "THEY should get a discount, NOT old folks that are mostly rolling in the dough!"
Are you pinching a thin dime?
If I am ever offered a "senior discount" I will look around, spot a young couple just starting out and say, " Yes please. But please apply it to their bill!"
But then, that's just the way conservatives roll......

Skyline, I don't feel bad about taking advantage of a senior discount. Many places do this, such as movie theaters. However, I get what you're saying about young people often having less money than seniors. And actually I didn't have a mention of the discount in my blog post until I read it to my wife and she mentioned this as another reason to shop at LifeSource, since the 10% discount lowers prices to a level that's closer to the prices at major stores that offer organic/natural foods.

Skyline, i applaud your idea and I'll adopt it. Not sure it's just a conservative idea, though. I'm a generous liberal and I agree heartily. Thank you for the great idea.
LifeSource does have both tofu and tempeh on the salad bar daily (the tofu is organic, so it's never sprayed with glyphosate). Also, hydrolyzed soy protein soy has been genetically engineered to support direct spray of glyphosate and 2-4D, both known to be carcinogenic.

I really try to make a point of going out of my way to spend money at Lifesource. And that's saying a lot, considering I live 20 miles away, in Dallas. I love the store and have taken note of the changes. They still have a great selection of bulk foods (farro! dates!) and a wonderful seasonal produce section (purple sweet potatoes!!). They're also the only local place that sells Three Sisters Nixtamal tortillas, which are *real* corn tortillas made from corn sourced from small farms in Mexico. That level of commitment to local products is what keeps me going to Lifesource.

I've noticed the meat and junk food, but part of me wonders if the meat is in response to those awful keto and Paleo diet fads, which has followers scouring the earth for grass-fed beef and whatnot. I worry about the kind of carbon footprint that results from these privileged, meat-heavy diets, but that's a different issue.

Lifesource has to cater to their market to stay in business, and if I have to pass by some grilled chicken and Late July potato chips to get my farro and dates and sweet potatoes and tortillas, I'm more than happy to overlook it if it means a small business can remain viable.

And about that 10% discount. I'm glad they offer it to you. My parents are seniors on a fixed income. They will never see another pay raise. Grocery costs increase, but their income doesn't. Those discounts help. As a worker, my income adjusts every so often (hopefully) to keep up with the cost of living. I can absorb price increases that might present a hardship for seniors. And heck, getting old isn't always easy. If someone wants to give you a discount to sweeten the deal, take it!

And Skyline, check your assumptions. Not all seniors are wealthy and secure. My husband works in social services. The vast majority of his clients are seniors. They are frequently the poorest of the poor, have unstable housing, unreliable transportation, at risk of abuse, and are food-insecure.
Maybe you should explore this subject before making broad assumptions and passing judgement.

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