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December 09, 2018


I like the smaller double basket carts at Safeway. They are perfect if what you're getting is more than what a hand basket will carry, but not enough to fill the full size carts.
I wish more stores would adopt them.

i like the little ones at LifeSource the best.

Thank you for mentioning debris left in the basket. This seems to be a South Salem trait, especially at Life Source.

May I suggest another topic, also related to shopping: the courtesy (or lack thereof) shown by shoppers who push by, or reach over, and generally show a lack of courtesy to other shoppers? Again, another South Salem trait?

I disagree with a comment on FB which excoriates you for choosing this important topic. Anyone who has ever visited Walmart knows about the ubiquity of their carts with bent and damaged wheels, veritable cripples that make a loud whomp-whomp sound as you sheepishly make your way down the aisles. I once thought this was from customer use, but then I saw how the cart boys handle them. Disgraceful, and if a future Society for the Prevention of Cart Abuse (SPCA) ever forms there will be a reckoning.
Speaking of cart boys and girls, they are the reason the carts at Freddy’s are always soaked when it rains. When I arrived the cart stock was low and it was raining outside. Then, I noticed two young employees walking around the store together with bright yellow vests trying to look like they were doing something important. You know the game. A serious mein, a purposeful stride, with knowing asides to one another. In the grocery business, employees on the floor usually work alone unless being briefly directed by a supervisor. By the time I finished shopping with my wet cart, the supply had been replenished, and those two boys were forlornly wrangling carts in the rain. Guess a supervisor caught up to them.
At Winco, paper towels are provided for wiping down the carts and they have a motorized mule for cart retrieval. This allows a truly massive line of carts that brings vehicle traffic to a halt while the “herd” is gathered from various cart corrals and brought under cover. Life in Cartland is varied and exciting!

What irks me more than types of cart or something left in it-- People who don't return their carts to the proper place. I've watched, when hubby has done the shopping, how many elderly and those who aren't in the greatest of shape-- return their carts. Then come those with plenty of energy, middle years, who can't be bothered. I always feel like going over and saying-- put it away as it makes some store employee have to do more work to retrieve it. This is not an official poll, but women in their middle years, who look like they work out at a gym, are the worst offenders!

The only way back to the Lord is by finding a Perfect Sat Guru who is the only one who can connect you to the holy Sound Current and cleanse your soul of accumulated karma of many past lives and free you from the grip of Kal, the Negative Power. There is always at least one Perfect Guru in the world. The current Sat Guru is...

Just kidding. Ignore the above. It's a teeny attempt at a teeny prank. Blogger knows what it's about.

What people need to do is follow me to the carts and let me grab one first because I often choose the defective one. Also, if you see me heading to a particular checkout line, go to a different line. I usually get the slowest line with somebody who has an issue with an item or paying which causes a delay in the process while they call the manager.

In my area we have Natural Grocers (among all the other players). It is one of the few places where I always get a cart that actually rolls smoothly, steers straight and without used snot tissues and melted candy smeared on it.. until now that I've said it.

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