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October 02, 2018


Hello Hines! I stumbled on this blog as I was searching for a way to describe “new normal” and why it sets me on edge. I hate it. Perhaps because as you say, I did not consider myself normal before I had cancer. Coming out of that period was hard enough without people telling me to be normal, but accepting of the radical changes that happened to me.
So what people are trying to tell me is that I need to settle for how things are after cancer. Settle into accepting that my body, mind, and work are vastly different from before cancer. It’s like you say, no one uses a happy accomplishment to say welcome to your “new” normal. As if they are still in the old normal. Or more likely that people don’t think these life accomplishments stick around and change a person forever. It is all worth thinking about. Thank you for giving me some substance for my thoughts.

I hate the term "new normal" to and have been hearing it and reading it alot in the midst of this whole COVID 19 thing and everything with it. HATE IT!!! While there is of course a dangerous virus causing lots of death and sickness here unneccessarily in an age when we are suppose to be technologically and medically advanced preventing what is happening now in the first place, I also hate how others claim that a "new normal" awaits us after this pandemic involving the continued loss of certain freedoms and certain restrictions still in place due to this virus and these others claiming things will never be the same again! Everything is bad enough as it is now without others rubbing in "new normal" claiming things will never be the same again.

So funny, I really hate the term "new normal" too and was moved to google what others thought. It just really grates with me every time I see or hear it. I think its just life! Albeit maybe we are currently having a huge dose of an enormous amount of change for everyone on the planet at the same time, due to Covid19, I still hate the phrase. This is life in May of 2020.

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