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September 15, 2018


Democrats like you always amaze me. So vote for Democrats because they care about global warming... Since we had a totally democratic government when Obama got in, what did they do about it? What do they ever do about it? And if they get in, you think global warming will be on their list first? You know it won't. You probably don't even want it to be. If you are like most dems,you can hardly wait for them to get in and start impeaching Trump. They will do what repubs did to clinton when they had the chance-- leading to ignoring the build up of al Qaeda.

Dems want to roll back the tax cuts, maybe do carbon taxes, which give them more money, and what will any of that actually do? Doesn't matter as it suits a communist agenda (and by that, I mean the philosophy of, not the way it actually gets practiced.

I will vote all repub this time, straight ticket, and for the first time in my life as I don't think dems do anything about all their talk and most of what they suggest would do nothing about storms like Florence. It's all talk. We are a growing worldwide population of humans. More and more are middle class, and we do warm the world with the niceties, when we can afford them-- like flying here there and anywhere. Taking cruises that pollute the oceans. Buying stuff we don't need but had to be manufactured somewhere, etc. etc.

As to whether the storms are worse depends on who you listen to. You can find whatever viewpoint you want in today's world. Lots of sources. We have a short human recorded history to know what happens in cycles here but even if we did, since this is an organic world, it might all change anyway.

I have a family story on hurricanes, as when my mom was in the orchestra, they got caught in Puerto Rico in a big one. They tend to come and go but it might well be the warming oceans will bring us all grief before something happens, like a big asteroid hitting us, to change the trajectory. All I know is most of the anger and rage against global warming is more to be filed under the category of useless emotional energy that doesn't do a thing except hurt the health of the one feeling it.

Rain, here's a CNN story that lists six Obama-era climate change initiatives being undone by the Trump administration.


You sound like a climate change denier. Is that true?

There's overwhelming scientific evidence that the Earth is warming, human greenhouse gas emissions are the reason, and that actions need to be taken to reduce those emissions, because the consequences for humanity will be catastrophic if nothing is done. (Rising sea levels, stronger storms, droughts, floods, etc. etc.)

In contrast to what you said, I felt better after writing this post last night. Every time my wife and I do something to reduce our carbon footprint, we feel better. i want to leave this world a better place for my daughter and granddaughter, not a worse place.

It's important to vote Democratic, because almost all Dems believe in the science of global warming, and almost all Republicans deny it. The blue states are doing the most to reduce carbon emissions. Hopefully Oregon will do even more in the 2019 legislative session.

Whatever makes you feel better, Brian is good. I am not a denier. More a 'it's happening but what can we do about it' kind of person. I read a lot on it. But to blame Trump, in office two years, is ridiculous. i am one who believes climate has always varied (study the Southwest in the 1400s) and we as humans need to be adaptable.

As for voting-- and dems won't waste 2 years on impeachment??? I see dems right now as not presenting real ideas but just like Obama-- trying to blame someone else for what is happening on anything. BTW, I want our many thousands of donations to Obama back lol. He was a globalist and I didn't know it.

Vote Republican unless you want partisanship 24-7 and then hope that the dems put someone up who has a realistic view-- not all talk-- for how we do the next stage and pay for it... You know the part where we pay for it.

Rain wrote: " But to blame Trump, in office two years, is ridiculous."

--This is understating the matter, Rain, and you should know better... Not only is blaming Trump for dying trees and hurricanes "ridiculous", it is hysterical. Which is what the left has become over the past few years regarding Trump. Observers call it "Trump derangement syndrome". It's real.

Aside from that, I agree with Rain's comments above.

The Paris Climate Accord is a bad deal for the U.S. It has no teeth and is largely ceremonial. Rather, it is an attempt by globalists to gain control over the U.S. and get it to submit to an external authority and get it to pay for their infrastructure, pet projects and political schemes. It is a bad deal for the U.S. and does nothing to address climate change. That is why Trump wouldn't go along with it, not because he doesn't care about dead trees and hurricanes.

Bravo Brian,

Each conservative voting for a mass murderer by catastrophes
is a killer of his/her own children, grandchildren

This week Nasa stated the North & South artic ice is melting 3 times faster
then established at the Paris signatures

It even said 10 meter ocean rise by 2040
Everybody is sleeping, heads in the sand

Each half degree in temperature makes meteo 3 times worse

Because meat is the main culprit ( equal to all other causes )
this means that each steak you eat
is killing your grand)-child
Think of them while you eat

Unbelievable an insane man has power

777 ( from France )


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