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December 07, 2017


Cars kill more year after year.

JT, the numbers are about the same, about 33,000 a few years ago. And vehicle deaths are declining while gun deaths are increasing. See a Texas Politifact article:


They say there are 300,000,000+ guns in circulation in the U.S. Considering that number relative to the number of killings I would say that gun owners tend to be a pretty responsible lot. People get obsessed with many things, so what? Nothing new. If someone is going to flip out and guns are not available they'll use something else.. knives, trucks, hammers, bombs, poison, yodeling like in the movie "Mars Attacks". Timothy McVeigh blew up a whole building with 125 people including kids in it. The tool.. fertilizer.

I always have about 50 knives in my possession. People would say I'm obsessed. "Watch out for him. He could go on a rampage any day now."

I just happen to be a knife maker. I don't know how it happened. I just find them aesthetically pleasing. Others couldn't care less, but some others like them enough to buy them. I have no seething psychological disorder that is going to send me out in the streets slicing people's throats. I used to do Fillipino martial arts. Silat and all that. Used to spar with rubber knives with chalk on the edges. I had no plans to go to alleys and fight. I have never even come close to using a real knife on a human. I just like the art. Others like dancing or basketball. You just find yourself doing things.

That's what I do, and gun owners do what they do. Are we killers? Out of the 100's of millions of guns and knives out there how many are used in violence? The percentage is miniscule. You can't control life to that degree. Let's ban everything. "There ought to be a law!!" And still, somehow, some way someone will figure out a way to commit an atrocity.

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