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November 22, 2017


I am trying to understand why you need to move now at this time. You don’t want to have to drive into town? The grounds are too much to keep up? You want the social activities in retirement communities? You feel your property it is worth more right now than it might be in the future? It seems to me that the reasons matter most in terms in deciding whether to do this now or wait for a future time, when your needs for physical care might be clearer.

Having had in laws in three retirement communities, I have some experience in how this works. They were in the Salem area originally. They moved into a senior community. They had their own home with a recreation building and outside grounds tending. This enabled them to have a small garden of their own. When they wanted more services, including food preparation, with what all mounted to a restaurant where tasty meals were prepared, they moved to Mount Angel, full assisted living, with two bedrooms, nice living area and a view. Their last move was to a smaller yet apartment in Corvallis where they would be closer to their son and have more services. The cost and provided services grew with her needs until a broken hip made only a nursing home enough. My mother lived out her life in a mobile home on our farm until the day she died-- maintaining her home and even grubbing out blackberries to nearly the end. We are all different for our physical needs and what works emotionally.

My husband and I are 74, live 25 miles from the towns for shopping. 45 miles from Salem. With cattle and sheep to keep healthy, the work has fallen upon my husband. We have thinned the herds and try to hire help when possible - -not always easy to find. Although, many folks in rural areas manage to remain out there, it gets harder. For me, however, retirement communities would never be my choice as I am an introvert where community centers are not on my list for good living. Having been in church communities, I am all too aware of social pressures in such settings.

My advice, such as it is, it is be sure why you want to move. Know yourselves and what you need now. Maybe, a groundskeeper, gardening service would satisfy your needs and allow you to remain where you are until you know what services you will really require.

Good thinking Brian. "Split the difference" sounds like the thing to do. I hope you and Laurel move close-in to town where there is a lot happening. The Bush Park/Fairmount Hill area where I live is terrific. This is probably a good time to sell. We are overdue for another recession.

Rain, thanks for the perceptive comment. We do indeed need to think long and hard about reasons for moving. The time and energy it takes to maintain our property certainly is one reason. Another is being quite a ways away from where we shop, recreate, meet with people, and such in Salem. There also is less of a sense of community in a rural area where residents have, by and large, moved so they can have privacy and be left alone.

On the plus side, we do very much enjoy being close to nature and not being close to neighbors. So we're torn. Likely our decision will become evident when it is time for us to make it. Until then, we'll go back and forth, wondering what to do.

Jim, we like the areas of Salem you mentioned. However, we aren't attracted to older houses, which mostly are what exist in the Bush Park and Fairmount Hill areas. Getting the sort of house we like probably would mean being more in the "burbs" than close in. However, it isn't out of the realm of possibility that a house which resonates with us could be found fairly close to downtown.

I am 64 and recently widowed. My lifestyle isn't working anymore, now that I'm a "single senior woman" with some health problems and a house to maintain alone. Im looking for "where to live next" like many people posting here-- and I'm also in the "aging hippie category", looking for the "unconventional" senior living solution.

I have a few comments for all to consider, including me, in choosing a place to live next.

In the past 10 years I have taken care of 3 senior family members through the end of their lives. Two lived in "independent living" with long-term care insurance and privately hired caregivers, and 1 in "assisted living"; all lived in a "retirement facility" after selling their homes.

My experience with "retirement facilities" is that:
- many facilities will usually not take you back if you have been hospitalized. You will be sent to a nursing home first to "rehab", before you will be allowed back to the facility. You need to be mobile enough so that they will not need to provide you with a "new" higher level of care.
-- if you run out of money they will not take Medicaid and you will be kicked out.
- if you need more "care", there are built in "tier levels", with increasing costs for increased time spent on care. This can add up to thousands of dollars a month, which may have not been budgeted for, when deciding where to live.

These are critical considerations when looking at any "retirement home", eg guaranteed care through end of life, regardless of level of care needed, and guaranteed acceptance of Medicaid.

We never know how our needs will change as we age-- the one constant in life is change and the unexpected happening!

Love to all,

Hi I'm Alex and I've always wanted to create a happy hippie home.i Kno the problems you mY be facing. U fought for ten years to have a church of universal love and music. We are probably done with that dream for awhile. The church lives on in all of us. I'm very sick with an unimaginable number of illness I lived in the mountains in PA. And know all the efforts it takes to have an organic garden animals coal and fire work. I looked up hippie nursing homes and there you were
. please let me know how I can help. Love ale

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