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November 17, 2017


Gravel root, aka Queen of the Meadow, is an herb known to have a contracting and tonic effect on the bladder causing increased fluid elimination. Parsley juice is also known to have this effect. These are not to be confused with other diuretic herbs like uva ursi which stimulate kidney function and may not directly address the atonic bladder issue the way gravel root does.

It does matter how it happened, to YOU. Maybe not to them.
And if you were in a world where everybody inherently had worse health problems, only then would you be the lucky one. But you are among healthy people, often, who CAN travel.
Above all, until this happened you did not have this problem. Compared to the prior you, and the healthy ones, of COURSE you are experiencing a considerable loss.
A loss of the health you HAD, and enjoyed. And worse, did not know to recognize the signs indicating it was wasting away.
Of COURSE there are the WHAT IFs...what if someone told me what TO WATCH OUT FOR.

While they are technically possibly right, I don't think it is too helpful when people point out to you in which ways you are actually really lucky.
It is as nonsensical as if you'd point out to them they're also really lucky they don't have someone's *** up their ****. THOSE ARE NOT THE ISSUES AT HAND. (You're a smart guy, you are infinitely familiar with your blessings and in which ways you are more fortunate than others.)

Anti-depressants have a roll, and also people validating and empathizing with you for your loss, to help you get a grasp on something as life changing. None of us want to have to deal with our parts more than is necessary for bodily functions. It is a vulnerable part of the body and the ongoing stress and discomfort will have psychological effects. The added pressure of IT 'must happen when it must happen' leads to potential stress and pressure, because it NOT happening could cause the worse problems you're so 'lucky to not have'. So you have that looming over you.
Unfortunately doctors see far worse daily and are spread thin. Were they to operate in their emotions they could probably not function.
And everybody else has their own pain externally, internally, or both, so no-one really has too much "lattitude" for another's woe.

Anyhoo- Thank you Brian for sharing this well-told story. Hearing about it is sobering, and while we face our own regular setbacks ongoingly, it is good to understand that something even more serious, something quite a bit horrrible, can happen to anyone of us, anytime.
And when it does, we will be expected to look on the bright side 😎.

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