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August 25, 2017


Brian, sorry you have to go through this my friend. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

When I read your story, I immediately thought of my best friend from high school who has been in a wheelchair for forty years. After a vehicular accident, she became paralyzed from the waist down and is forced to use catheters. We are both now 63 years old and I have never once heard her complain. She is a delight... however, that ain't ME!!! I moan and complain about miniscule things. I am not a whiner by any means and am probably tougher than most, yet still when hungry or tired and crabby, I do find myself antsy and dissatisfied. I have to remind myself that just being born in this country is like winning the lottery compared to the way a large portion of the planet lives. The water that goes down the drain during my shower is cleaner than water that much of the known world is drinking... think on that.
I have never replied to a blog before and I don't twitter or tweet or spacebook or whatever. BUT... Your post on burning leaves really spoke to me. I was looking on the net for communes for seniors or something like it. I am hooked on shows like "Alone" and "Naked and Afraid" and other survival-type shows. While I don't see the point in going that far off the grid, I am very interested in like-minded people our age living somewhat in a mini-community in a rural setting. Ever thought about starting a small commune of hand-picked people who would be willing to pay for or trade services for learning primitive skills while camping on your property? You wouldn't have to sell and could retain as many or few comforts as you choose. The money would pay for professional service people to do your hard-to-do chores and repairs. Everyone would benefit. I tried to email you through the form on your site, but it wouldn't let me. I am filling in below and hope to hear from you and/or your wife. We sound like-minded.

If you can cope 3 month with this 4 times a day manoevres
I at 80 now, took the last 40 years PERMIXON containing Saw Palmetto extract
I took it 2 times p year more or less as prevention
( SerenoaRepens ) 60 mgr 2 p er day

I propose you take 4 p day

My former Church comment, -I hadn't read this yet

Hope Your days will be fine soon
You must be extremely prudent to avoid infections
but you kwow that I think
( 500 mgr Vit. E Oil p/day to boost immune system
and same Oil inside 4 times a day

Yes and DHEA 100 mgr p/d although most doctors say the inverse
As always 2 teaspoons flaxseed powder p day to prevent cancer there by irritation
and all other cancers
No wine - whisky is purer ( but not if U still meditate )



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