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July 28, 2017


His personality flaws were always the greatest concerns-- even more than damaging policies he promised to enact. He is more and more seeming to be a mean girl as a way to empower himself (or so he thinks) and keep those who work for him insecure. We constantly see examples (Sessions and Priebus the latest) and I can't believe it really makes the ones who work for him stronger. It weakens them and us.

The transgender demand is bad but in some ways the least of it. It will be undone as it's a dinosaur in terms of belief as was earlier blacks or women serving. Some though of what he's doing will do permanent damage like to the environment. The thing is I wouldn't have been happy with Hillary either given her own personality flaws-- at least her policy positions would have been better (maybe given how what she'd say wasn't necessarily what she'd do.)

How do we get someone to run in '20 who will be superior with good positions and character???

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