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July 19, 2016


There was 14 minutes more. Stop cherry picking. Those are all core values that anyone blabs about when running for a dream.

I am no fan of Trump but attacking this woman, for using part of one paragraph out of Michelle's speech, which Michelle likely got from her husband who was inspired by a Saul Alinsky book, is beyond sensible. Part of one paragraph and she's a thief and liar. The attitude of the far left to this whole thing could almost turn the middle for Trump-- just think about that. Trump's wife did the best she could, is not a public speaker, and has been castigated the whole season by those using her modeling day shots to prove she's unfit to be a first lady. The left should be ashamed of itself but even more importantly, they could turn sympathy toward Trump.

I will be SO glad when this election season is over as it seems to me, as that person in the middle, that the people have gone insane and lost all touch of what really matters-- like the issues! Frankly if people want to condemn her for marrying and loving Trump, they might consider that could be used against their candidate this time!!!! grrrrrrr

Melania Trump, inadvertently or not, may have used a couple of sentences from Ms. Obama's speech which expressed values most of us can agree with.

Hillary Clinton, in FBI Director Comey's own words, was "extremely careless" in her handling of government classified and top secret emails on her private home server.

Hillary's actions are far more serious, don't you think?

And you trust her to be president?

Apology from Trump speechwriter:


The focus on her plagiarism is really silly in my opinion. The RNC has been filled with racism, imperialism and white supremacy but the overarching focus has been on a couple of lines from one speech filled with boring recycled platitudes. Why is that? Because it’s easy. It takes no effort to rail against plagiarism while it makes most liberals uncomfortable to talk about white supremacy and imperialism. If we spend too long on that subject we may see the overlap between Trump and Clinton and to a slightly lesser extent, Sanders.

And this is directed to Rain, the far-left has roundly ridiculed the hyperfocus on the plagiarism issue. Liberals have been eating this up as Brian’s post shows us. Also, no one who says they were pushed to vote for Trump because of this fiasco was actually considering Clinton, let’s be honest.

No, Micah, it'd be those who are still furious at Hillary over a lot of things, see her as a warmonger, on the side of Hedge Funds, arrogant, ego driven(hence when she was warned not to use her own server, she ignored it), secretive, and out for the buck to enrich her family, that's who. They'd do it when they saw both of them as bad. Real fans of Hillary (they must exist) would never vote for Trump. But when the media is so oriented to attacking Trump, distorting anything he says, it makes people who aren't far left mad. The middle is where elections are won or lost and that's where this is playing poorly. The far left already are on Hillary's side. A lot of lefties have been considering writing in Bernie or voting Green and they need to believe Hillary would not hurt their pet causes. No, it wont be me voting for him. I'll have to vote for her to keep him out-- but this thing of attacking his wife sure doesn't make me like those who think that was fair when they've overlooked worse examples of plagiarism-- and seriously, who thought she was going to be running the country. That'll be Pence... It's laugh or cry these days.

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