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June 12, 2016


From Dan Hodges on twitter:

"In retrospect Sandy Hook marked the end of the US gun control debate. Once America decided killing children was bearable, it was over."

The Second Amendment includes the words well-regulated. The problem we have is who is in Congress. It's important to research senate candidates from around the country and donate to campaigns not only in our state. And we will have to hope Hillary Clinton gets the Presidency for making Supreme Court picks as the alternative is unthinkable.

France has very strict gun control laws and look what happened there... 130 dead and hundreds injured and maimed, many permanently.

Better intelligence and profiling will help, but you can't stop every maniac that want's to do harm.

The worst US school massacre occurred in 1927 in Bath, Michigan. 45 dead. 38 were children. A disgruntled farmer flipped and did it with bombs.

If they can't do it with guns, they'll find something else.

If some of the victims in Orlando had guns we might have ten dead instead of 50.

Wake up older folks its up to you to change the legacy to our kids and grandkids. This is all about the New World Order. This is the manifestation of the elites control of us all. We are returning to the days of our forefathers when they escaped from Europes elite. Dont believe me, check out Princeton University's 2 yr research project headed by top researchers that concluded America is no longer a democracy, it is an oligarchy. Check out website 'WAKE UP WORLD' and numerous other sites by very credible authors, ie it is not a conspiracy theory, that is what they would have you believe, along with all the talk, talk, talk, that is everywhere now, its all to keep you distracted. See how commericials on tv (which is controlled and the best tool of the elite) is all about having fun ,fun, fun, ie 'whooo I want that, it would be sooo coool' etc, Bottom line is buy, buy, buy,

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