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March 21, 2016


Brian, thank you for your letter to Kockamamie Kate.
Liz and I share your love for the predators that we enjoy in the South Salem Hills.
Every time we see a big fat owl, or a pack of coyotes we comment, " they didn't get fat out of thin air!"
Rats, mice, gophers, all of the pests are passively managed by promoting predators.
Do you have skunks?
We have exactly zero skunks.

Brian, when, oh when are you going to utilize the same common sense (not so common any more due to goofball liberals) and apply it to forest management?
Don't look to Kockamamie Kate for guidance.
In fact, if you have your "D" blinders on, pay more attention to Senator Rong Whythen?
He has at least attempted to make sense of the train wreck of Oregon forest management.
Of course his well meaning attempts have failed due to actual REAL subject matter.
I do appreciate your scope and increasingly real world approach to certain problems.
(Not others!) :p
Just say no to cockamamieness.

There have been a couple of other big reasons to question Gov. Brown's progressive commitment: 1. her support for (and signing of) a watered-down minimum wage bill designed to undercut a truly grassroots, progressive movement and 2. her recent support for Clinton as the Democratic nominee. This bill, among many other things, is just another example of how the ruling class wields immense influence even within the Democratic Party.

The other day listening to the radio, I heard a writer discussing a viewpoint of nature regarding keystone species. Basically it meant an ecosystem is kept in balance more by the top of the food chain than the bottom. http://www.amazon.com/The-Serengeti-Rules-Discover-Matters/dp/0691167427 Is an interesting look at a healthy system. Nothing really takes the place of the wolf but given how the House is going with trying to block BLM or National Forest management, it's going to take a lot to convince voters that something matters more than $$$s and in the long run too much concern for $$$s can destroy not just an ecosystem but the earth. Brown is a disappointment. I think we'd have had more chance of this not being signed if Kitzhaber had still been in. Too bad he thought with the wrong part of his brain...

Brian asked: "Besides, aren’t Democrats — who control the Legislature and who drew DeFazio’s ire — the politicians who demand that environmental decisions be made on sound science, not unsound politics?"
The answer is no.
Otherwise we, living in a Democrat controlled state, would be managing our forests in such a way to greatly reduce carbon dioxide emission and in fact sequester CO2.
If Democrats cared one little bit about "global warming" they would take a scientific approach in managing our forest lands.
Instead, they are bought and sold like cheap whores from the ultra left radicals that continue to pull their strings.
Meanwhile; how many THOUSANDS of acres of forest burned to the ground last year?
What kind of wolf habitat remained?
Brian asked: "Besides, aren’t Democrats — who control the Legislature and who drew DeFazio’s ire — the politicians who demand that environmental decisions be made on sound science, not unsound politics?"
Democrat's answer: Burn, Baby burn!

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