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December 12, 2015


I wonder if this low end housing was proposed for in your high end south Salem area would you be so for it? I bet a lot of homeless could be helped with the money you could donate from the sale your Mini Cooper.

Save Howard Hall, save the trees! What about saving that field where families play soccer, softball and frisbee golf? Walk dogs, fly kites and bird watching amongst the walnut trees?

A housing project would transform cozy ol' D street into a just another soulless depression hole.

Still want me to come?

I can't make the council meeting, but I already e-mailed my councilor. Salem has to do more for the homeless. This can be one piece.

JT, the proposal is for affordable housing to take up 12 acres of the 48 acre North Campus site. So there's plenty of room left for the planned park/open area. And I don't think "housing project" is the right word for what's being recommended.

Regardless, this is just a recommendation of the citizen committee that advises the Salem Housing Commission. If what the committee suggests isn't seriously considered, what's the point of having citizen advisory committees?

If there are good reasons not to follow the recommendation, fine. Let's hear the pros and cons of the proposal and go from there. Salem needs more mixed use developments with a variety of housing options: single family, condos, duplexes, apartments, etc. The North Campus is an excellent opportunity to do this, with a mix of affordability also.

Trees, field and lively hood. Your politics change by location.

His politics change by location? Really? Do have any examples of that JT?

I've looked back over years of this blog and I'd have to say Brain seems to be extremely consistent in his views.

Perhaps you are mixing him up with someone else?

Or perhaps you don't realize how short sighted you are being in your opinion. Why so angry at the thought of affordable housing? Are you one of those people that actually think only crack heads and ex-cons need affordable housing? Verses say, your neighbors grandmother might be a more likely candidate for the need of affordable housing options in Salem. Artist might be, students and teachers surely are. Craftsmen, laborers and their families. Is the idea of sharing a bit of the 48 acres with those HUMANS so awful to you?

Nobody is advocating for a new "ghetto" JT, which you seem to be implying. What you should consider doing is showing up and saying you'd throw your support behind a mixed use proposal or something verse just slamming the door shut on people who have a valid need that we would be irresponsible as a community to (continue) to completely ignore.

Here, read over this: it at least gives you an idea behind something that might be better suited for your support: http://www.highgroundnews.com/features/MixedUse12314.aspx

Again though, try not to just "ASSUME" that the economically challenged are not the kind of people you want in your neighborhood. Being poor, doesn't mean you can't care for property. It doesn't make you a bad neighbor or a drug addict.

Salem Oregon city counsel should be ashamed for not addressing This city wide problem. This is the capitol city of Oregon. Home of no weekend bus service. Endless debates on how much to charge and for how long we can park downtown. Who know how much money they have blown changing their mind over and over. Tearing down signs, reinstalling new ones then tear them down too. Our homeless need our help and support. Stop not looking at them and say hi, it goes a long way, but they need real help. Something sorely lacking in Salem. Our local homeless shelters for men are a joke here. No help whatsoever to assist them getting ahead. Just rigid misguided rules that keep them from helping themselves. As far as Marion County helping forget it. Their to busy investing in their police dept and jail they need to keep full. No services to help. Just the same runaround, go here, go there, call them. On and on. Salem City Counsel wake the >>>> up. Our city needs help and competent governing.

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