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December 28, 2015


What are the affects of eating one of those little wedges? How do you measure what your in for? Last time I ate some was a decade ago at the country fair and it seemed nothing was happening. Boy was I wrong, eating it had a huge delay and when it hit I was totally caught by surprise.

I've been wondering about using pot as we never had but plan on it now that it's legal. I had no idea there was a risk of paranoia with it for some users. What do you know about that? The store just said take it easy with the amount to begin. I am not interested in a mind shift or game changer, just relaxing would be my goal. Paranoia does not sound like fun.

I have found that there are two kinds of people in regard to the psychological effects of cannabis: those who it agrees with and those it doesn't. Brilliant, right? Some find it euphoric and relaxing. Others find that it makes them overly introspective, self conscious and paranoid. The only way to find out is to try it. If you are so inclined, start slow and see what happens. If you find that you are uncomfortable with the effects you can nullify the adverse effects by chewing on several whole peppercorns.

thank you, yo. I'll keep the escape hatch in mind lol.

Rain - My two cents is that if you are concerned about paranoia, then do a little research ahead of time. The two major strains of cannabis are sativa and indica, along with a plethora of hybrid strains that are often cross of the two. Sativa strains tend to produce the head rush/euphoria type of high, while indica strains generally produce the body relaxing sort of high. Ask a lot of questions when you go in to purchase and the budtender will direct you to a strain that may best suit what you are looking for.

The funny part, Not Even Wrong, is I had never even imagined it could cause paranoia until I began to research a bit. I always thought it was all about relaxing. Since I haven't had issues with paranoia before, I am hoping I won't with it. I looked at the container and it is Indica; so that's good. Pot of Gold and Willy's Wonder also were on it lol There is a lot more to it than I imagined.

The other thing I read is that it can cause your heart to start to race... Anybody experience that?

I am thinking to try it New Year's Eve as we never go out for it and it might be interesting to do something different for the last day of '15 :)

Hey Rain ,

I wasn't kidding. Here is a link to the results when I yahoo'd "peppercorns for marijuana"...


This comment thread helped inspire me to write a post on my other blog about marijuana and "paranoia." See:


Welp, no answers to my question. Seems it may be hard to judge what may or may not happen anyway. Smoking it is almost instantly reviewable by the user however eating butter or a brownie could render you 60 minutes later either a puddle of happiness or peeking out the blanket over your head waiting for it to stop. Paranoia is a real danger that's for sure but it always seemed attached to the thought it was illegal. Maybe it's different now.

I didn't think you were kidding, Yo, and felt it was a good thing to know if it did end up feeling weirder than i expected. We definitely will go light and see what happens. Thanks to all for the words, and especially Brian for the article and posting this as a 'go-to' place for me to ask questions :). I've known a lot of people who have done or do pot but never really asked questions before as it didn't matter to me until I was thinking of trying it.

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