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December 17, 2015


It just has to be almost breathtaking for citizens of Salem Oregon, that such great analysis and reporting contained in this blog post IS NEVER REPORTED in our newspaper of record; the Salem Statesman Urinal.
There is one teency-weency modification I would suggest however IF you are actually interested in helping our community:
DROP the "strange up" bit.
Brian, I love your sense of humor.
But you are making a fatal mistake.
It's like the question that was asked of Andy Kauffman in the movie, "Man on The Moon".
The question was, " Who are you attempting to entertain? The audience, or yourself?"
The "strange-up" bit was funny at first but an old worn out joke by now.
It serves only to undercut your credibility in testimony as has been proven over and over recently.
Bury it!
Your time and energy is too valuable to waste on pointless, offensive, cockamamie nonsense.
The "strange-up" bit casts you into the corner as a kook, which you are not.
Fix it.

Harry, I can't stop stranging up Salem!

I've got a real logo. I'm over 2,200 Facebook page "likes." This is my calling, my duty, my karma, my destiny!

Plus, it's fun. I really enjoyed wearing my Strange Up Salem t-shirt to the city council subcommittee meeting. It just felt so... RIGHT.

Agreeing with Harry, I want Bill to have the respect he (and his opinion) deserve. "Strange Up" does not command respect. I appreciate this article and certainly agree with the points given. As far NORTH as possible (I thought Portland Rd. was ideal). Hoping to see something in the SJ soon.

It's painful to read about the incompetence on display with respect to this project. It seems that the current mayor and city council want to build a monument to themselves in a place where they are likely to see it on a daily basis. This is a crew that might be able to handle the complexities of a city a tenth of Salem's size. They are completely out of their league.

I'm not sure the consultants are taking their lead from the council. The consultants work for a company that specializes in building high-end palaces for all manner of clients, including local governments. Of course they are going to recommend something in their wheel-house.

Let's hope the citizens of Salem will balk at the price. You know, 'it's simply unfair.'

First of all Brian thank you for the excellent reporting on a very important story. The Statesman Journal should be embarrassed that you beat them to the punch on reporting this.

Second of all- ahahaha up to 70 million? Potentially displacing homes/businesses? I guarantee that it will crash and burn when put up to the voters as it rightly should. Which then opens the door to shady financing to get around the voters, which this administration has been shown to do in the past. Maybe they will "borrow" all that money needed from the water and sewer fund like they did to install parking meters.

All I see is thousands and thousands of scarce taxpayer dollars being wasted on pie in the sky consultants and surveys and proposals like the third bridge bullcrap. What a waste.

One more thing, I just went to the Statesman Journal's website on Friday December 18 at 11:30 am and there is NO MENTION of this anywhere on the front page. Obviously there was no story in the Friday morning printed edition either. What an embarrassment for this community. Unacceptable.

Hmm, sounds almost too big to fail.

I propose we give the SPD the non-seismically improved library building and have a new 100,000 sq ft library built on one of the proposed sites instead. By my maths:

A) that just about quadruples the square footage for the SPD, AND keeps it in Mayor Peterson's favorite hood (they clearly aren't worried about the seismic performance of the building, so, Bonus! There's a savings);

3) adds a very modest 10% increase to the square footage of the library (which I propose be dedicated to more newspaper racks, since we've had to go without our own Salem newspaper for so long); and

b) gives the Chamber something to rally against in 2016 other than Kate Brown.

Not the solution Salem wants, but the solution Salem needs.

Not Even Wrong, City officials beat you to the idea back in 2014. See:


But the notion got squashed:


Something about no new ideas under the sun, blah blah blah.

I suppose I'm better late to the game than never.

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