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September 18, 2015


When you walk it the store, just tell them that you have a preferred credit agency, Harry Vanderpool. Give them my number.
I know every detail.
Let's see... He's a pot smoking, tree hugging, California ground squirrel shooting, bad-ass scooter riding, city council trashing, Statesman Urinal truth bombing, martial arts ass kicking, God hating, satan loving, Monica Lewinski's-ex-boyfriend's-wife voting, but OTHERWISE all around good guy!

Thanks, Harry. That's one of the best compliments I've ever gotten. I'd like it to be on my tombstone, but it's so damn long, I don't think it would fit. (And I plan to be cremated anyway.)

Since you're backing me up, I assume you're OK with giving me your credit card number so, if I don't make a payment on the iPhone 6S, Apple can get the money from you.

Thanks in advance.

You can share the credit card number in another comment on this post. I'm sure nobody who visits my blog would even think of using the number, since most are exemplary, righteous liberals like myself who are completely trustworthy.

So, as I set here in my office with my visa card, ready to post for all to see, I think, "How greedy of me"!
I really want to comply with your request.
But to do so would deny all affected individuals with the deep satisfaction of reaping the rewards of their hard work and sweat, one of life's greatest pleasures.
No. As much as I would like to do it, I cannot, as the scriptures say, "Remove the millstone from my brother's neck".
I work, then I reap the reward of that work.
I just cannot in good conscience deny others of such a wonderful life.
To do so would put the focus on me which would be very selfish on my part.
And NO, I'm not trying to "play God"!
However, I forgive you, for you know not what you do.

I too have my credit locked and I searched the internet to find out which agency to unlock. I found some posts indicating that people who were denied were referred to Equifax, so I took a chance and unlocked only that agency, which did work. Apparently Capital One is doing a soft pull from Equifax, which is good because it doesn't impact your credit score.

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