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August 18, 2015


Great post Brian. It's true that history is highly chaotic and unpredictable. I have Sapiens on reserve at the library and can't wait to read it. There was a great book a few years ago called The Black Swan by Naseem Nicholas Taleb that made the same point. The best example of what Taleb calls a "Black Swan" in our time, of course, is the 9/11 tragedy that was completely anomalous and improbable, and yet changed the course of recent world history in a profound way.

Go Bernie!!!

I am so very, very grateful for Trump as I was for Ross Perot many years back.
Trump speaks the words that the vast majority of honest, hard working Americans want to hear aired.
Without someone like this, we all are victims. All we have is one vote and it is a vote for milk toast one way or the other.
Don't you get sick of that?
In addition, Trump's bully pulpit penetrates through the fog, all the way down to the bottom of the barrel, low information, liberal voter.
This is a voter that for example, voted for Barry Santuro because he is "handsome".
Trump's message is heard across the spectrum of voting sectors unlike the other milk toast partisan candidates.
And thankfully, it is well received right on down the line.
Even if he does not win the election, I think that much good comes out of a campaign like his or Perot's.
They force perspective and rattle the P.C. worshipers back into practical reality.
Regardless of the outcome, I am 100% behind Trump at this time and dearly hope he continues to regularly lob bombs at the status queue. GO TRUMP!!!

Lob bombs? Trump is at the head of the "status queue" with the other billionaires who are trying to create oligarchy in this country.

Go Bernie!!

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