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August 20, 2015


Oh come on, Brian! The best thing you have to say about Salem theater is that there are fewer people and it's cheaper than Portland?? Give some credit where credit is due! Salem theater is an enjoyable experience without a hum-drum account of Portland's shortcomings. Pentacle always puts on a great show with truly excellent set design, and is located in what is easily an enchanted forest come show time. Enlightened Theatrics has been doing a fine job bringing in artists from all over the country and when I saw The Last Five Years in the wonderfully intimate theater space inside of the Reed Opera House, I was in tears due to the actors' abilities and the space. Furthermore, Willamette U's theater productions are outstanding both in quality and in the sheer diversity of performances they produce.

Victoria, my intent in this post was to point out some of the benefits of staying in Salem to see shows, plays, and such.

Yes, the major shows will be in Portland (Wicked or Cirque du Soleil aren't coming to Salem, two shows we liked a lot), but the hassles of going to Portland need to be considered when a Salemian thinks about leaving town for entertainment.

My wife and I have been long-time Pentacle season ticket holders, though we aren't now. We've been to Willamette performances, and plays put out by various groups in the Reed Opera House. So we're well acquainted and appreciative of what Salem has to offer, theatre-wise.

I've written two complimentary recent posts about Enlightened Theatrics and the Grand Theatre folks. Sorry you didn't hear the message in this post: whenever possible, stay in Salem to see live theatre.

Well, you completely BLEW IT if you missed Chicago that played to a sold-out Pentacle Theatre last month.
First class production if we ever saw one.
We haven't missed a Pentacle play in probably 20 years.
Pentacle ROCKS!!!!

Yeah, Harry, we did BLOW IT with Chicago. However, it was my wife's fault. A rarity, since usually whatever goes wrong in our home is my fault.

After we'd learned about Chicago, I went online and was all ready to buy tickets. But my wife said, "We should ask Tim and Jan (neighbor friends) if they want to go with us."

Stupidly, I went along with that plan. Which took days to put into effect. Several times I told Laurel, time is passing, we should buy tickets, have you talked with TIm and Jan yet?

By the time she did, every single freaking ticket for every freaking show of Chicago was SOLD. And by that time, reviews were coming out that this was the best thing Pentacle has ever done, don't miss it, etc.

So, we missed it. All because of Laurel.

If she dies first, I'll recite that story before I scatter her ashes. "She was a wonderful wife and woman. But damn it, that time she made us miss Chicago still pisses me off!"


A little "Over the hill" neighborly advice:

Ixnay on the omments-ca about aurel-la!!!
You do have an opportunity to redeem yourself however. Steinbeck's "Of Mice And Men" will be playing at Pentacle in a couple of months.

And after sleeping on the couch in the garage for a while, the bunkhouse scenes will feel very familiar!

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