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July 08, 2015


Well said, Brian – we need more exposure of this type here in Salem.

I would only add that Peterson's tactics of shunning and shaming those who hold independent views stem from a group imperative that has her in the same bind that she herself uses to try to hamstring independent thinkers among the Salem population. That is, if she dares take issue with the Chamber, for example, then Chamber members will shun and shame her, and if the Chamber is the nexus of her social circle, which seems likely, then she herself will become ostracized. So while civic-minded citizens have the luxury of operating out of hope, her having chosen to serve the local oligarchy instead of the people leaves her having to operate out of fear.

What goes around comes around . . .

Great post Brian. Speaking truth to power once again. Another Peterson quote we hear often: "We've already decided that!" She said that about the decision to locate the new police facility on Mirror Pond, and we heard it just a few weeks ago about the 3rd Bridge. And where were those things decided? Usually behind closed doors.

Brian, EVERYTHING you have said about Anna in regards to collaboration also applies to you and me as well.
There have been a number of events over the years that you and I, (unbelievably) came down on the same side and fought.
Were we in any mood to "collaborate"?
I have been looking at my portfolio and considering purchasing the property next to you and putting in a low income trailer park.
Can I expect collaboration from you?
I'm thinking, 20 trailers per acre.
Of course, you know I'm kidding.
So to make it even more palatable, how about if we open the lots up ONLY to illegal aliens?
Would you collaborate with that?
I will need collaboration so that I can put the hiking trail through your property and directly behind your house.
You are a collaborator; aren't you?
Huggs & Kisses!!!

Harry, I think there is actually a really good chance you can build your dream illegal immigrant trailer park next to Brian's house, -IF- you are good enough friends with the mayor and her circle of friends.

Depending on how tight you all are, I bet you could get all necessary zoning changed, urban renewal funds (a district created if needed), a 10 year tax abatement, a $1 million performance bonus, and any needed land of Brian's seized by eminent domain and handed over to you.

The mayor can then say she collaborated with the neighborhood in approving the development (actually just talking to only you, not any other neighbors, but hey she would technically be correct you ARE part of the neighborhood), and then say that yes the neighbors' voices about this development will be listened to by taking their input on what color to paint the picket fence around the development. Which the city will pay for.

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