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June 04, 2015


You should be their Marketing Manager?😜

Eric, excellent idea! Then I'd get hugely discounted tires!

My main negotiating point with Les Schwab, before I accepted the position, would be that I do no work aside from the blog post I've already written. I wouldn't want my Marketing Manager position to interfere with my retirement.

"That sort of Les Schwab service is legendary,.."

--I wonder if the customer service at Les Schwab would be as good if the government taxed the successful companies' profits at a higher rate to re-distribute the wealth in order to have more "income equality"?

In other words, what is the payoff and motive for working hard and being successful if the fruits of your efforts and success are redistributed to those who don't work as hard or are less successful?

This "income inequality" "problem" will be the cornerstone of the Clinton presidential campaign.

Where in nature is there income equality?

Les Schwab has a brilliant marketing system. On every tire they sell, they add a bit of margin to the price (I think it's $15 but not sure). That $15 gets added into a pool, and if you think about how many tires they sell then... that's a lot. For every tire that they serve (free of charge to you) they can make a claim to the pool so they are covered for the labor they used on you. At the same time, if they fixed your flat for free... they are really hoping that when it comes time for you to re shoe up your car, you come to them. And they probably mention that when they tell you no charge for today. As for the other brands... I'll bet they just make a deal with the local dealer of whatever brand you want, and mark it up a little to add to the pool and labor for the install. I had a set of tires on a truck (my first big diesel) that needed to be rebalanced badly. They didn't sell the model of tire, so they charged me... however from that point on, I received free service, rotating, flat repair etc because by paying for the service, I had bought into the pool. I just hung onto that receipt from then on. If you are trying to go cheap, LS isn't your place. But the service is incredible.

Hey Brian - thanks for the good information. I have a 5 month old new car, and am in the market for snow tires. On a hunch, I Googled "Schwab tire store sell Bridgestone tires" and found your post. I will head down there today and get four new Blizzak's ordered, so my winter trips over Mt. Hood will be safer. Thanks!

I love how the moderator approved that Hillary rant about income equality. Tires=Hillary? Obama took yer job!

Les Schwab is convenient and they have always treated me well.
But getting a brand of tire they don't normally carry is prohibitively expensive, at least in my experience. I wanted some Cooper CS5 Touring, and they quoted me $233/tire (just for the tire, not including mounting). That is fully $100 more than I could buy those tires almost anywhere else. I asked them if they would mount them for me if I bought them myself. They said they would, but would have to charge me about $150 to do 4 tires because that is their policy when tires are brought in by the customer.

I don't begrudge them this. After all, by buying the tires from a competitor, you are essentially cutting Schwab's throat and then asking them to mount them for you. In spite of this, buying the tires myself and paying Les Schwab to mount them still turns out to be a cheaper TOTAL than any other tire place that carried Cooper, so I think they are being more than fair.

I had recently my son's Subaru Impreza tires replaced by Les Schwab and after not even 3000 mi the front ones were cut around their circumference while changing to the paved portion of a in work road.. When tire quality was under scrutiny, store manager said that my son's car wheels were not properly aligned.. C'mon, after not even 3000mi "brand new" tires get sectioned under those conditions. My son's car had all struts and strut coils, the low control arms and sway bars replaced a few weeks before and proper alignment was done; then "new tires " get shredded while driving on an "in work road"... I consider myself a first and last customer of Les Schwab...

I’ve sworn off Schwab ever since they mounted some of their Chinese tires on our 2 year old 4 Runner. They couldn’t get them balanced at all and after several visits the manager said “That’s just how 4 Runners are” and refused to replace the tires.
That “free repair” stuff isn’t free. They charge more for their proprietary tire brand to cover it. It’s just a way to hide the surcharge or extended tire warranty that other more up front shops would add to your bill.
I’ve always wondered why if someone goes to look at a car and a sales person runs up to them they don’t like it, but if someone’s trying to sell them off brand (Schwab) Chinese tires, then it’s “great service”? By the way, meeting me in the lot saved me about 3 minutes because you still take just as long to service my car with your off brand merchandise.

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