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June 28, 2015


If those are the 2 sides of Salem then I guess I'm not taking sides. Ones wants to walk all over USA and State laws ignoring the hard work of others and the other side seems to be unable to communicate thier message effectively or so compassion of any sort.

This reminds me of an old professional wrestling gag. Did you ever watch wrestling when you were a kid?

So, the "bad guy" has the "good guy"down on the mat in some kind of a hold.

The referee is down on one knee watching over.

Every time the referee glances away just for one second the "bad guy" throws in a dirty move.

Finally, some little old white haired lady at ringside gets up, walks to the ring and starts slapping her hand on the mat yelling at the ref to, "PAY ATTENTION, DO YOUR JOB".

Now the ref is distracted by her and is looking at her yelling, "WHAT? WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU, WHAT?"

Meanwhile, the "bad guy" is biting, gouging, choking, etc.......

The crowd goes crazy!!!

Now, the referee who was on one knee over the wrestlers, gets up onto his feet and walks, with his back to the wrestlers and gets down on one knee at the ropes and cups his hand to his right ear to better hear her yelling, "WHAT, WHAT???"

Of course, now the bad guy is strangulating the good guy and has bit him so many times that blood is all over the place.

Back at ringside, the little old lady is jumping up and down screaming and yelling at the ref because she is looking right over his shoulder watching the mea lay unfold.

Now that the entire crowd is all on their feet screaming and yelling angrily at the ref, he gives up trying to hear the lady, turns around all to find the "good guy" flat on his back unconscious, arms straight out on the mat, blood all over the place.
So he walks over just in time to count the "good guy" out. The "bad guy" wins.

Now the crowd is gathered around the ring yelling.

But the referee, just like the phony liberals that held signs at the capital, continues to reply, "WHAT? WHAT?"
What's the problem?

Maybe I should be more fair to the citizenry that attended the match.
Maybe they are "anti wrestling".
Certainly they could not have been concerned with rules or laws.

That's it! They were angry because they were "anti wrestling".

Sorry cockamamie liberals; you don't set the ground rules. Your "anti immigration" redirect of the real issue is as phony as pro wrestling.
I'm not playing along.

Harry, great story. Great metaphor. Creative writing. But... I don't really get your point. Of course, that's to be expected, since I gather that you think I am missing the point.

You're not fooling anyone, brother Brian.
You know EXACTLY the point.
In fact, you are a perfect example in my mind of someone that evenly applies certain laws.
Should someone be able to buy any old tract of land out in the countryside and place a dense subdivision?
Well, what does the law say?
And, based on that law; what does Brian Hines say??? Brian Says, "Obey the Law"!!

What does the federal law say about those that wish to enter and reside in the United States of America? And what does it say about those that wish to become citizens?

Does the law allow for them to just trot on in unannounced?
What does the law provide for, Brian?

Please don't give me the clueless, liberal, glass house, foolish response.

What is the legal avenue to enter and reside in our country? How does one become a legal citizen?

Do you know any one that has LEGALLY gone through the process? I know many!
And guess what they have to say about criminal, illegal immigration?

Please Brian, don't continue to fake cluelessness.
You are WAY too smart to "play dat".

Good writing effectively conveys the author's point to the audience.

Otherwise, why even write it? Save time and just close your eyes, grit your teeth and grumble in your mind over and over "LIBERALS LIBERALS LIBERALS!"

It reads more like someone got a head start on a July 1st legalization celebration.

A quote from the cinematic masterpiece "Billy Madison" sums it up best:
At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Sadly, it is no secret that reading comprehension is at an all time low.
So sad....

Note that Harry's diatribe fails to clearly state his position which, we assume, is that we must strictly enforce immigration laws because we expect other laws to be enforced (he uses the land use case because he knows that many of us place a high value on the preservation of what is left of the ecology).
Instead, he attempts to lead the reader by the nose to his desired conclusion.
Clear statements of position facilitates the discussion of issues (which, in this case, Harry may wish to avoid).
Opposition arguments could arise - and then what?
Not all laws are strictly enforced. Some may feel that proscribed punishments are excessive, enforcement resources may be limited, or some may feel that the laws themselves are unfair.
There are those who believe that the immigrants who were brought here and settled were brought for the economic benefit of American businessmen.
I do not think that there are many Americans (including "native" immigrants) who do not want to limit the inflow of immigrants from other countries.
I suspect that what Harry really wants is the same as what I hear from others - round 'em up and ship 'em out.
In my view, this radical view is both ill advised and cruel.
The loose analogy that Harry provides attempts to lead us to a poorly thought out conclusion while the real position that is quietly being put forth sits quietly in the background awaiting further examination.

This IS just like old time pro-wrestling.
I even get to be the "good guy"!

Kurt, I did clearly state my point.
With pro-wrestling or with those that persist with their head's in the sand; I'm not playing along.

So if you're looking for me to discuss the obvious, I..........OUCH!!!!

Dang, those thumbs to the throat smart!!

My thumb is on your throat.
I am blocking the referee's view.
I am shouting to the crowd: "This guy won't state his position on deportations".
Unexpectedly, I receive a sucker punch to the gonads.
I go down, you pin me - the crowd roars.
I suddenly realize that the ring is in the center of the Republican National Convention floor.
I scream - and then wake up sweating.

Now that was damn funny, Kurt!
Happy 4th!

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