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May 09, 2015


All these things you have to worry about. Climate change, earthquakes. So many things have happened in the way of change on this planet since the dawn of man. Global warming... is it really man made, and simply a matter of quitting doing everything we are doing going to make the planet take a different course? I don't think so... I really don't think all of the dumb things we do really have much impact on what the planet does. I think that people and industries make a lot of money trying to convince us to feel guilty even if we can't do anything to invoke climate change. Remember in the 80, the big worry was the ozone was eroding and the entire planet was going to be unprotected and lazed by the sun... how come we don't talk about that anymore? The Grand Canyon... a huge canyon formed by a river over millions of years... now the river is small. What caused that? Would the river still be up to the rim if cavemen hadn't discovered fire? Honestly, how much of this can be cause and effect and how much is going to happen no matter how much we worry about it. Earthquakes have been happening for millions of years. And for as long as I have been alive there has been talk about "the big one" The one that was supposed to take most of California out to sea. It is a changing planet, no doubt. But rather than worrying about the importance of preserving it exactly as it is in this moment and blaming ourselves because nothing we do can change keep it as it is... why not embrace the changes? Nobody says "I wish that dang Grand Canyon were still a flat piece of land with a river on it." Or I wish those Cascade and Rocky Mountains weren't formed. All this worry about inevitable change. Hell if you want something to worry about think about that giant asteroid smacking into the earth, which is more realistically what will happen. It killed off the dinosaurs, pretty sure global warming won't be an issue then. BTW, I got a new Diesel Pickup truck this weekend. It is really quiet, and the emissions coming out of it don't even smell like diesel, just hot air. I thought you would approve.

Dan, Brian DOES approve of hot air, that is why he posts my comments.
But speaking of embracing changes:
The honey bees have never looked better than this year with all of the great sunny weather they have enjoyed.
Are you worried about the condition of bees?
If we have more springs with this kind of weather, you can worry a whole lot less!

It has been a great year for bees. And record pollen too. Bees are a key ingredient to the world, if we lose them... the world is over. That's the truth.

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