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March 02, 2015


I am a climate change/global warming believer, but I am agnostic about the cause. It has been shown that even small changes in an ecosystem can result in its eventual transformation. So, it is likely that carbon emissions are part of the problem, but other more powerful factors may be at play as well. After all, cooling and warming cycles have occurred on earth many times before the appearance of humans.

This may be part of the problem why humanity does not have its collective back up about it yet. People are seeing weird weather all over the globe, but they still see it as an anomaly that is just part of normal cyclical variations and irregularities. They do not yet see the direct connection between the car they drive and the consumer goods they purchase as being part of the problem.

They don't think the blender they buy or the air mattress they need for a camping trip is significant enough to change world climate, so they keep buying blenders and air mattresses by the millions and billions, and THAT is significant especially when old blenders and air mattresses get thrown out and new ones have to be made again and again all packed in styrofoam, plastic and cardboard.

I don't know how you get mankind to stop buying and producing consumer goods until it is way to late. By the time the average Joe understands and the point is driven home and people are scared and there is enough collective will to do something about it, coastlines will be underwater and food will be hard to get. The deed will have been done. Many scientists think it already has been done and the wheels of change are irretrievably set in motion.

It's too bad though because there is enough knowledge now of how to live sustainably if people would band together and just do it. But it's hard to change and do things differently, to go back to basics and a simpler lifestyle reminiscent of the pre-industrial age and when there was a much smaller human population. How do you get India and China on board for all this even if the US does something about it?

I think humans will survive though. Many will adapt and find a way to live even though many will perish. We are like cockroaches. Disgusting but resilient.

Some see this pending disaster as a good thing. There are too many people. This may be nature's way of cleaning up shop. Sort of a high enema to clean out some of the crap.

We'll probably never know if certain members of the Salem City Council are climate change deniers. But what we do know is that 2/3 of the Council are Republicans in a town with only 1/3 Republican Party registration. [Technically Steve McCoid is non-affiliated but that's because his lobbyist job requires him to be.] Only 1/3 of our Councilors are Democrats. That's something we can change in 2016 when four Council seats and the Mayor's seat will be up for grabs. It's very doable if we work hard enough.

Even if climate change WEREN'T real, the driving-centric suburban economy our leaders adore is a way of life with no future. Millennials don't want and can't afford this lifestyle; boomers won't be able to sustain it as they age. To pour all our limited treasure into extending as though it were 1965 forever is truly pointless. So sad!

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