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March 23, 2015



Matthew, perhaps you are being ironic. Perhaps sincere. Regardless, I will confess to wondering, as I wrote this post last night, whether this was the most important subject I could devote my writing energy to.

And concluded... sure it is! I've written about less important subjects, for sure.

My Mini Cooper is one of my best inanimate friends, along with my iPhone. It was reassuring to learn that we likely will be spending many more years together. Interestingly, I still am happy with my iPhone 5, even after release of the iPhone 6.

Yikes! Maybe I have a brain tumor that is affecting my Must Have Newest Gadget neurological center. Or, with age I'm just realizing that often what I already have is all that I really need.

I think I found one of these stuck in between the treads of my diesel pickup's tire.

Dan, be sure to recycle the crushed Mini. Stay Green, dude!

I have a 2003 Mini that I love. Just test drove the 2015 Mini and agree with your comments. I don't like it at all. I need to buy a new car and assumed it would be a Mini but now I need to look elsewhere. They really ruined a great thing. Why are the new ones so popular? I am baffled.

Yep, I'm still madly in love with my '03 Cooper, too. Going on thirteen years together. The new ones represent Mini trying way too hard to hook the "trend crowd" and the midlife-crisis herd. (And they're actually bragging up the-- highly dangerous-- social-media connectivity? That's idiotic!) And with the new electronic steering, the current models handle like any other lump of mush on the road. Still, I realize that Maus won't last forever, and I've been fielding my (unfortunately) non-Mini options. The one car I've test-driven that comes closest to the '03 Cooper in terms of handling and pep is-- brace yourselves-- the Fiat 500. Trick that baby out with a set of nice big wheels, and I think you'd have a decent Mini successor. And-- at least for now-- you can opt out of all that dashboard electronica crap. A stripped-down, functional display and a cozy cockpit: works for me.

I recently leased the new 2015 mini 2 door after being a mini driver since 2001. For the first time ever, I'm considering turning this car in. I agree that the size and design are not as appealing. But even more annoying is that every time I start the car, the AC comes on - which means I have to turn it off bc I mainly ride w the windows down. So that extra action is slightly annoying. Not to mention when I turn the car off, in order to completely shut things down it takes 2 clicks. The first one turns off the engine but keeps the radio going?....I don't need a soundtrack while I exit the car. And if I'm using the phone synced w the car, I have to double click off or the call won't transfer when leaving the car. Things that seem minor, but are actually major inconveniences.
I am hoping mini will return to its original ways.

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