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February 02, 2015


Well Brian, I am very disturbed by your very anti-government stance.
Don't you realize that the people you oppose were elected fair and square in the last election?
The simple fact that they won the election means that they know WAY MORE about pot than you do. They have WAY MORE knowledge about bees than I do.
I think you are maybe getting a little big for your britches.
Lets start having some respect for the all knowing, all seeing, Gods of government THAT YOU VOTED FOR; RIGHT?!!!

I am one the has really appreciated your contribution to our community, Brian.
But wake up!
Join the Republican party for which you mainly agree with!

Harry, you scare me when you talk this way. Geez, what if I really AM a Republican and just don't know it?


My self-image would have to completely change. I'd lose my liberal friends. Or at least their respect. My wife would make me sleep on the couch.

So I'm going to have to keep on believing that I'm a Democrat. Even if once in a while, you discern some Republican tendencies.

Or LIbertarian -- a more likely possibility.

Republicans only want government out of regulating safe food, environment, banks, schools, and rich people. Otherwise they want to dictate who we can marry, whether we have an abortion, and would get into entertainment-- sending us back to Father Knows Best days ;). I think you are safely a Democrat, Brian. A lot of liberals are pretty libertarian about social issues.

Glad you can go to the meeting and express the views of a lot of Oregonians.

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