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January 16, 2015


They say confession is good for the soul.
It is also said that it takes a big man to publicly admit when he has been wrong.
So I want to be the first to praise and congratulate you Brian, for your about face form the tax and spend and spend and spend and spend liberal asininities!
I was always told that I would become more conservative as I aged, but I don't think that is the case with you. I think that with all of your brain power; the truth prevailed!
Thank you for confronting the ultra, ultra, ultra lefty spendthrift loons!
And welcome aboard to the sweet taste of reality!
Hugs & Kisses!

Harry, thanks for the conservative love. You're right: I haven't gotten much more politically conservative as I've grown older. But wasteful government spending does bother me, so we've got that in common.

I do have some liberal "tax and spend" inclinations, but only when the taxing and spending is for a real need. Plus, as I said in one of the posts linked to in this post, previous actions by Salem city officials have irked me, as they have other liberals.

It's interesting that you called those officials "lefty spendthrift loons." I'd agree with the last two words, but not the first. These are non-partisan positions, but most people see the current leadership at City Hall as leaning decidedly rightward.

I'd call them big-spending conservatives, in the model of George W. Bush and others on the national level. On the local level they can't run up deficits. They sure aren't shy about wanting taxpayers to fork out more money for their pet projects, though.

One of the people working to find a lower cost police facility solution is a quite conservative Republican. This shows that we can "work across the aisle" locally, so to speak, when City officials do their big-spending conservatives thing. Wasting taxpayer money is wrong, no matter who is doing it.

I think the task force should examine building a police facility at the shops complex near 21st & mission. The City owns much of the land, it's central and has various access points, redeveloping the site could combine in updating many of the aging buildings to make them more efficient.

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