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December 08, 2014


Claudia and Wayne always put on wonderful parties. I know how much goes into something like we experienced at the Baum's but it was, like you mentioned, to keep a very special friend on the air.

Aileen always does a phenomenal job on anything she takes on.

Claudia got a lot of help from LeeAnn Bromeland with the cooking. I want to mention that Claudia's latkes are outstanding and she isn't even Jewish!!! Together they cooked for two days to prepare the wonderful food served. All was outstanding.

I am sad to have to report that my ass is now officially two inches bigger after consuming a small slice of that very decadent chocolate cake. It's Aileen's fault. She brought it. Soooo good.

Suzanne, thanks for making me think of a sure-fire moneymaker. As you probably are aware (I sure am, thanks to upclose social media research), culturally this is the Year of the Female Ass. Bigger is better.

So the Marion County Dems should set up a web site which sells pieces of the chocolate cake that was served at the Wolfson event. "One small slice -- guaranteed to increase your ass size by two inches." Should sell like hotcakes.

Along that line, I tried to keep the focus on the blog post on Carl and Gary. But truth be told, I was equally enamored with those latkes (potato pancakes). Kept going back for more. I'd never had a latke before. I'm not at all religious, but I considered converting to Judaism just to have access to latkes.

Thanks for pointing out that Claudia isn't Jewish. Now I know that I don't have to convert in order to get a steady supply of latkes. I just need to suck up to Claudia.

All of the food was terrific. It was very vegetarian-friendly, which I and other non-meat eaters appreciated. The lasagna tasted a lot like my World Famous Vegetable Lasagna, the only dish I ever take to potlucks, since it is universally loved.

I'll take this opportunity to share a link to the recipe. Which I admit isn't original to me. If the recipe ever actually becomes world famous though, I'll be pleased to claim ownership of it. See:

Oh yeah, a sure fire way to get women to donate to a good cause: serve something good...anything that will guarantee our ass will be bigger leaving then when we walked in.

Not a good idea.

What has made Fat Ass Kim Whatshername famous for (that and a sex tape), an ass big enough to park a '68 VW on it is not something most women really want. At least not yours truly.

Uh...back to the drawing board.

Damn. Another of my fantasy-bubbles is deflated by a pin prick of reality.

But won't Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj buy two slices of cake? If we charge them $1,000 a slice, the scheme is still worth doing.

No woman I know will pay $1,000 for a slice of cake that will increase her butt, booty, badonkadonk, arse, junk in the trunk, fanny, money maker, bubble butt, caboose, behind, buttocks......or ass. Trust me on that Señor Hines.

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