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November 05, 2014


I'll bring up the beat down of 88 I guess. I hope the proponents of that one see the citizens deserved a say in the matter.

I love this! Shared!

"...the performance of the Obama White House and his party’s congressional candidates has largely been a case study in how to destroy brand equity:Democratic candidates begging the Democratic president not to campaign for them and, in one memorable instance, refusing even to say whether she voted for him."

--Of course Democratic candidates didn't want to be associated with Ob*ma. He's toxic with very low approval and job performance ratings in the polls, and deservedly so, imo. He's a lousy leader.

Also, what Pearlstein said about the failure of Democratic brand management could easily be said about Republican brand management for the past eight years or more. This election beating the democrats took was not so much a mandate for the Republican "brand" as it was disgust for the poor performance of incumbents and Congress in general. Now the Republicans will have to prove they can get things done effectively or we will continue to have a deeply divided country.

I agree it is time to have marijuana legalized and have any problems associated with it treated as personal health issues rather than criminal issues except where it involves selling to minors. My pot addicted son (he admits it) will be disappointed that legal weed will not be available in Oregon stores until 2016 as he plans a trip through there in 2015 on his way to Washington where he can legally get what he needs for his headaches, moodiness and sleeplessness that he has when weed is not available.

tucson, seems like your son could qualify in a creative way for medical marijuana. He'd just need to say, "I get headaches and mood problems when I don't use marijuana, so give me a prescription for marijuana -- the substance that both causes my problems and cures them."

Yeah, addiction is a vicious circle.

Fortunately he is functional, creative and otherwise very healthy with good stamina and strength. I can't keep up with him on hikes and I am known for stamina myself. Of course the 43 year age difference might have a teensy bit to do with that.

One study showed that some heavy weed smokers actually have an increased lung capacity due to inhaling big hits. My son already has big lungs from his HS and college running days. It's amazing the amount of smoke he can inhale. The exhalation from one of his hits fills the room. This translates to being useful as a human bellows for starting campfires. On the downside, it has been shown that heavy weed use messes up your dopamine, serotonin functioning.

For now he holds down a day job as well as playing with several bands that actually get paid (sometimes). But chickens come home to roost they say.

It will be interesting to see the long term result of MJ legalization on society when all the facts are in and all is said and done.

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