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November 21, 2014


Concur with appreciation for ADM T., a reality-based actual rather than pseudo-conservative.

Disagree with the idea of the SJ refusing to publish letters from the denialist cult of Growth. Just as with racist rants and Holocaust denial letters, it is much better that they not scurry around us invisibly. I find it much worse when average folks suffer under the illusion that racism and gross anti-rationalism are quaint relics of a bygone time. They are ever present and constantly seeking to spread. If the letters disappear from the papers, they don't disappear from our world or even our town.

Brian --

Here are three qualifying questions that should be posed to any climate change denier that you may run across. Tell them that failure to answer the questions correctly will disqualify them from presuming to convince others about anything relating to the issue of climate change.

Here we go:

1. What is the difference between climate and weather?

2. What is the process by which a warmer atmosphere can cause greater snowfall?

3. What is the process through which a warmer atmosphere may cause England and northern Europe to become covered in a permanent, year-round blanket of snow and ice?

Jack, your comment reminded me that I failed to include another "takeaway" from the City Club talk. As you implied, Titley said that climate is akin to the whole deck of cards from which the "hand" of weather is drawn.

Human-caused climate change is stacking the deck by changing the probabilities of a certain hand being drawn -- like adding several aces to a deck, and taking out a couple of 2's.

So even though short-term local weather obviously is different from long-term global climate trends, weather is being influenced by changes in climate.

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