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August 01, 2014


"(nor driving skills, in my experience)"

--OK, I'll bite. I am a lightweight when it comes to weed. It doesn't take much to get me high and if I imbibe too much I am impaired, mentally and physically...except for lust related events.

I should not drive when I am that stoned expecially on Kryptonite (an indica strain) which turns my muscles to rubber. I am sure there are other lightweights like me. I also know people who drive OK on weed but not as well as when they are straight.

Along with tax revenues there will be more weed related traffic incidents and deaths if more people are smoking weed. So be it. People want weed. Even I medically benefit from some cannabinoids (not THC so much), but I'm not sure this is something to be honored about though...society wanting-needing a substance to feel good-better-to have a good time. I would be honored to be part of something that made people need-want fewer substances.

The old adage: Drunk people run stop signs. High people wait for them to turn green.

So, high people will get rear-ended while drunks will do the rear-ending... passive-aggressive...society evolving to a harmonious blending of yin-yang polarity. Traffic Feng shui.

Drunk people run stop signs. High people wait for them to turn green

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