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May 18, 2014


So, if the Statesman Journal had an unabashedly liberal slant you would naturally be ok with them endorsing local candidates? The only difference between the Statesman Journal endorsing candidates and Salem Weekly doing so is the fact that no one reads the Salem Weekly.

The Statesman Journal newspaper does consider everybody for the most part. The reason that you feel the way you do is because your thoughts are in the minority for Salem. If you lived in Portland or Eugene you would be in the majority.

Be honest, if the paper would have endorsed the candidates you support you would not have written your post.

Have you asked yourself why the paper would ever endorse Christopher Proudfoot a 30+ year old who lives with his parents, has been convicted twice recently of driving with a suspended license, doesn't pay his personal bills and who has no real life experience to do the job of a city councilor?

Now is the time where you start attacking Mr. Benjamin, of something he did 20+ years ago, you may want to do some research on Xue Lor whom you support. His domestic violence charge is much more recent than Mr. Benjamin's. It also doesn't look good when Mr. Lor violated his restraining order. He also has some driving issues in which he drove while having a suspended license.

Everyone has skeletons in their closet and no one is perfect. We should all respect those who step out and volunteer to serve our community and run for public office.

Ken, it seems like you didn't read this post before you started to criticize it. Maybe you should write editorials for the Statesman Journal.

If you had, you would have seen that I said community newspapers shouldn't make political endorsements. And that I said Salem Weekly isn't a community newspaper.

The Statesman Journal calls itself the "paper of record." It holds itself out as representing the entire Salem community, everybody. So as the Chicago Sun-Times observed, when a newspaper aligns itself with only certain segments of the community, it isn't acting like a community newspaper should.

If you want to share solid information about Salem city council candidates, please do so. I didn't see anything of that in your comment. Have you contacted the Statesman Journal with your information? Have you posted it online so others can verify it?

I guess you haven't followed the Daniel Benjamin story very closely. The central criticism of Benjamin is that he didn't truthfully answer a candidate questionnaire that asked about "skeletons in his closet" or "embarrassing information" that could come out during the campaign. The SJ also deserves criticism for ignoring facts about Benjamin that were given to them.

Why are you being defensive when someone posts about your blog posts? Do you not critique everything and everyone in your postings?

It seems as if you didn't read my post clearly either. If you had, you would have answered my question about not writing your post if the paper would have endorsed the individuals you support for council.

As I said, the paper represents a the majority opinion in Salem. Therefore, they are endorsing who they believe will be good representatives of the Salem community for city council.

I have not posted anything online about the backgrounds of Mr. Proudfoot or Mr. Lor. However, I am more surprised that you haven't dug into their past as you have some other candidates.

For the record, Mr. Proudfoot did not truthfully answer the same question.http://www.scribd.com/doc/221681437/Christopher-Proudfoot

Ken, I just wanted to point out what I said in this post, which is different from what you assumed I meant in this post.

Again: I didn't say that I wanted community newspapers to only endorse progressive candidates I agreed with. I said that I didn't want community newspapers like the Statesman Journal to endorse ANY candidates.

Likewise, I'm a big believer in open, transparent government -- something the current leadership in the City of Salem has been deficient in (on this, the Statesman Journal agrees with me).

I've talked with many people about this. I've never heard any of them say, explicitly or implicitly, that it would be fine for a liberal City Hall to be secretive, but not a conservative City Hall.

I assume that you have conservative political leanings. If so, you might be surprised to know that liberals like me are motivated by a sense of political fairness. Sure, we aren't perfect, or political saints. But if you ever attend a meeting of liberal activists, you'd find that process is very important to them, sometimes to extremes.

So I take issue with your assumption that I only want newspapers to stop endorsing candidates I don't like, and would be OK with community newspapers endorsing liberal candidates. Actually, I do believe that it would be better for the Statesman Journal to not endorse any candidates.

After all, things change. Leadership changes at newspapers, as at City Hall. I could throw the same charge back at you and other conservatives: if the Salem Mayor and City Manager were avid liberals, and acted toward citizens and the downtown business community like they are doing now, would you be pleased with this?

I hope not. I hope you would be opposed to closed-door dealmaking no matter who is in power. Just as I hope you believe me when I say that I am opposed to the Statesman Journal making election endorsements no matter who is in charge at the paper.

Lastly, the Statesman Journal doesn't represent the majority opinion in Salem. They have been on the wrong side of public opinion on many issues. Regardless, are you actually saying that a community newspaper should only represent 50.1% of the citizenry, and ignore the other 49.9%? Not a good business choice, for one -- which could explain why the readership of newspapers like the SJ is steadily shrinking.

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