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April 02, 2014


Great set of articles!
Ive been Striding for 3 1/4 years and I like the way you described about letting the Strider "do its thing" and not fighting it.
I am 61 and enjoy my jaunts in Davis, CA, mostly flat.
I wonder if SS would have "taken off" better in sales if they had a short "how to Stride " video.
Most of the promo videos show the models trying to spin to fast.
I also agree with your side to side rather than pushing forwards on the ski pans, and I find that when I go slow and keep the leg on the bottom stroke straight it helps to not tire the leg as much...and enjoy Striding longer /further.
I agree its like a sport unto itself and takes practice to get better at it.
i akin it Sculling, Ive been at that for 20 years and at times feel like a newbie especially when I forget to relax on the oar and follow the boat and not try to "push" it.
Please update your Striding...I enjoy seeing how others are doing!

Hi - I'm very interested in buying a streetstrider. Based on your series of articles, as well as my experience with biking 20 to 30 miles through the Texas Hill Country around Austin, having more gears is usually better than fewer gears. You recommended the 8-gear StreetStrider, however, they don't seem to make that model any more. I can only find one model, the 3i, on the StreetStrider.com website, and there doesn't seem to be any way to upgrade to more gears.

Have any suggestions?

Dallas, hopefully the 8r is just out of stock briefly. Brookstone indicates out of stock:

Have you phoned Streetstrider and asked about the 8r? If you do, leave a comment here about what you learn. I just sent the Streetstrider folks a message through their web site, asking about 8r availability.

My fantasy, which is probably just that, is that a new and improved 8r is in the works. I have a Bike Friday folding bike with a carbon fiber belt and a continuous shifter (no discrete gears) and like it a lot.

Dallas, I just got this email message from a Streetstrider guy. Sounds like good news.

"Hi Brian, we will be introducing our new 7i in about 1-2 weeks, 7 gears, only missing gear 1 of the 8 speed, it will have quick release folding and disc brake on all 3 wheels.
Hang in there,

Hey Brian,

That is awesome news about the new 7i! I came very close to ordering a 3i last week, but felt I better do a little exploration first. Glad I did!

I've mainly been a runner since my teens, with biking a secondary activity. I'm now 56 years old and running is becoming to painful in my hips and knees. Biking is okay, but it has never felt as good or rewarding as running has. I enjoy the movement of indoor ellipticals with upper body levers, but I find working out indoors to be tediously boring. TV's and music don't help.

My favorite sport is snow skiing, and I tried skateboarding during my late 40's, but the falls were becoming too painful, no matter how many pads I put on. When I saw the videos of the StreetStrider recently I knew it had great potential to be both a great workout, and almost as much fun as skiing and skateboarding!

I can't wait to get one to try it out!

Thanks for taking the time and effort to research available (or soon to be available) StreetStrider models! Very much appreciated!

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