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January 03, 2014


Brian, Do you give free try-outs?

Frank, absolutely. No charge. The stretch of Lake Drive by my house is fairly flat, mild ups and downs. Come on by and do some StreetStriding.

I've had my 8-speed for 2 years and though it doesn't have an "easy fold", I've learned how to undo the three bolts rather quickly and fold it up to transport, in my HHR (small crossover vehicle) with the backseats folded down. I do have to move the passenger seat forward to do it and it was originally difficult, but I've got it down to a routine. Just as easy to put it back together. I only wish the StreetStrider rack would fold up when not in use. My car won't fit in my garage if I add the rack.

I bought 2 of the 3 speeds. In Florida I figured that would be enough. They are a great and fun workout. We got them to rent at my outfitter shop. Everyone that tires it, is comfortable within a few minutes. Awesome machine

i agree with the review.. IF you dont find that side to side motion -you will get sore calves.

I just tried the Streetstrider for the first time, the 8 gear Summit, and I'll have to say, it's an awesome workout. I was given one by my sister in law, and I'll soon be riding everyday, I'm sure. I'm a 56 year old male and am looking forward to this continued experience.

Hills? Able to keep striding along?

Sarah, at the semi-old age of 67, I'm able to go up most of the hills in the rural'ish park where I do my Streetstriding.

That said, I do get off and briefly push the Streetstrider three times in my 40 minute, 6.5 mile or so route. I've learned that even though I can get up those inclines, it isn't that good for my body. So rather than run the risk of getting sore muscles from overdoing things, I now walk in a few places where I used to put the bike in gear 1 and power my way up.

With the 8-speed, there's a good ability to go up mild hills. You aren't going to ride up Pike's Peak on a Streetstrider, because that's not what it is designed for. It's an exercise bike that is fun to ride. It took me a few weeks to realize this fully.

When it feels a bit difficult to ride -- like when I'm going against the wind (while standing up, of course), or going up a small hill -- this is what it's supposed to do. If it didn't challenge my lungs and muscles, it wouldn't be a good exercise bike.

People on road and mountain bikes pass me all the time. But when they do, I think, "I'm getting a much better workout than they are." While having just as much, or more, fun. After two years of riding my Streetstrider, it's still highly enjoyable to hop on. Even in the rain and cold.

You need a promotion video showing street-strider working-outings and the especial relevance thereof to body core-muscle exercise, halting drooping.

Being a London Resident where opposition to being able to get not just a Street-Strider, but especially (seconds) CHAINLESS, shaft-drive cycles, is fast and furious, no doubt part of "sanctions" as anti- marketing multi ploy slides.
How can I get a jet (small) one to Pimlico; Just over the Thames is Battersea Park where the London Recumbents are based and therefore maybe you can utilise jet-striders at this site to partially replace the "lay backs" (cumbent cycles) which are all very well but less crucial than the advent of roaming exercise cycles.
Shaft drive or CHAINLESS cycles are another world. They are so neat. Again an available used selection is what is needed to rapido-promote the Tempo (good model variety).
It has been depressing having the Millenia stadium in Battersea Park deny that they said a gymnasium street-strider would be installed by now, and that was two years ago at least. Why are folk so hassadic?

Keep up the marvelous, future beconing Elliptical bike promotions. Thank you.

This article was a great help. I just got mine yesterday and tried to ride it after assembly and it was quite comical. I'm 74 years old, balance isn't what it used to be but using your tips I tried it again this evening and did much better. Still a little shakey but I've only got a total of about 10 minutes on it. Relaxing seems to be the key. Thanks again for your article...it helped.

I live in the Sioux Falls S D. Area and would like to know if anyone close by has a Streetsrider elypical bike. Am interested in buying one but want to try one out first. pH. # 605 3764047

Hi, I live in Fort Collins, COLORADO and would like to try out a StreetStrider. I'm very interested in buying one, but want to try it first. Happy to pay a rental fee and would love to hear what you think of this interesting machine! You can reach me at 970-224-9920 or 970-227-1746. Thanks!

Thank you so much for the tips! Can't wait to feel comfortable on mine!

Well you're about the same age as me. I live in the Northwest too. I just started to ride my Street Strider but just near my house which is a little hilly. The farthest I've gone is about 2 football fields uphill and sort of coasted back. I'm out of shape but hope this will help. Thank you for your blog it helped.

My husband just finished putting ours together and Whoa! The balancing is not what I expected. I appreciate your tips, thank you from Sue in Boise Idaho.

I just put mine together and I love it but I don't have a smooth transition when pedaling. It's kind of jerky. If this is normal then yay but if not I'm worried I'm going to damage it. Has anyone else noticed this? It's not smooth like pedaling a bike and I know they're different I'm just trying to describe it. It will kick your butt!

I live In Gulf Breeze, FL and would love to try one out prior to purchasing. I'm 70.

How does this machine handle bumpy transitions such as going from sidewalk or path onto a street or vice versa? Is it able to handle the modern sloped curb (not the old fashioned almost square design)?

sound fun! i'm a newbie so i'm trying to get use to it

Anne, I have the same issue. I’ve only had my 7i for a few days and have ridden it about 4 times for short distances to try and get used to it. I’m not comfortable with the jerky motion - I think maybe I need to put it in a higher gear or something, but right now even starting in 2nd gear is hard! I’m a cyclist as well so I’m used to being able to take off pretty quickly in a lower gear and gradually move up so my pedaling speed doesn’t go faster than the pedals (if you know what I mean). It’s the same with the strider - I feel like I’m pedaling faster than the gear can handle so that’s why it’s jerky. I’ll play with it more to see if I can figure it out.

Also, another question for anyone who has one of these - I want to be able to track my workouts on my Garmin watch but I’m not sure how to set up the activity profile. I can’t use elliptical because I think it turns off the GPS, and I’m not sure bike will work. If anyone has any advice I’d appreciate it!

I am experiencing the jerky motion when peddling. I have the bike on the indoor stand. Is there an adjustment I nees to make for smoother peddling? I have tried changing gears and not much has changed.

Thank you’n


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